Ancient Ohms

Years ago I came into possession of a couple of speaker cabinets which I didn’t open up until recently. They contain an AK 121 Vitivox woofer and a GP1, 550Hz 3-cell horn, using a Type 1000 ‘Dividing Network’ 233 by Vitivox. They are all in exceptional shape cosmetically. Do you know anything about these and do you feel they could be incorporated into any semblance of a good speaker result?

Please pass on to Paul, if possible.

Just do an @Paul and it will get highlighted for his attention.


I think he’s mentioned he handles about 300+ bits of correspondence on average every day, I’m sure he’ll get back to you as soon as he’s able.

Just saw this thanks to Brodric’s note. Sorry, they sound like a wonderful treasure to have uncovered though I have never heard of any of them.