Audiophiles guide: The stereo

I’m reading the Kindle version of your new book, but where can I find the reference disc download?

I have looked here:

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Sticker shock

Here are the prices of Paul’s books on Amazon.

99% True: Kindle $8.49, Paperback $16.99, Audible: $24.95
The EAT Diet: Kindle $9.95, Paperback $11.99, Audible $6.95
Audiophile’s Guide: The Stereo: Kindle $39.99, No paperback or Audible version

Then, in addition to the $39.99 for the Kindle version you will need to spend more money for the CD which does not appear to be available on the PS Audio website yet, so price is unknown.

BTW: I would prefer a paperback version over Kindle.

Did this answer my question?

It appears to:

I did some digging and also do not find it anywhere.

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$40.00 for a Kindle book??

Oh wait, it’s only $39.99. :roll_eyes:

Kindle pricing is all over the place and subject to price-fixing lawsuits, etc.

This does seem particularly high however.

I’ve been using a Kindle and prior to that a B&N Nook e-reader for close to 15 years and have never spent anywhere near $40 on an e-book.

Nor I, as a long term Kindle user. This is silly expensive.

As a general observation, it is frustrating how often the Kindle version is more than the paperback or hardcover.


Maybe it is better to wait for @Paul to advise. US40 for kindle without the CD does seem too expensive.

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I can only download a sample. No purchase options.

Purchase option available now $19.99

I see it available for download for $19.99.

Do you have a link, I can’t see it anywhere

£14.73 in the UK - that might be $19.99.

Plus: *Best results are obtained by also acquiring the audiophile’s Guide companion CD/SACD available at"

Which means I have to buy a CD player as well after having given mine to @joma0711 (you’ll get it tomorrow). So I take it the audiophile guide ignores streaming as an audiophile option?

Are there versions on parchment or papyrus?


Here is the US link.

The cd or download is not on this page, at least not seen from Norway,

Let me know when you decide you want it back :slight_smile:

That’s a lot of dosh - for that price I’d expect a nice thick hardback reference work…
(With the CD tucked in the back cover)

So far the CD is not available in the US yet either.

Don’t worry, no CD spinning going on here. We’re meant to read the Robert Harley High-End book anyway. Same price but three times as big.

Watched the Crosby match last night. That was fun. The joke was the guy with the shot that scared the s**t out of Joe Hart was an apprentice plumber. They couldn’t even get a qualified plumber.

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The poor review was because the guy bought the edited version, in that the bottom of each page was missing. So for any jokes down there he will have to wait for the second edition.

If he has that much trouble setting up his Kindle, good luck with his hifi system.

I was confused by that comment on pages being cut off. I am reading the book in the Kindle app on my iPad. Every page looks fine so far.