Unusual Issue with DMP

A strange incident happened on the DMP while comparing two different versions of the same CD, and was wondering if anyone else has observed this behaviour.

I had finished playing CD1 (an SHM CD version of CD2), which was reproduced at normal volume (settings: 34 on the BHK pre - 98 on DSD), ejected it and inserted CD2 for comparison purposes. Didn’t alter any settings.

When I pressed play, the volume had dropped to around a third of normal, even though Preamp vol. still said 34. Ejected and re-inserted CD2 without removing it from the tray, but still played at abnormally low volume. Increased/decreased preamp volume, but it didn’t reset the corresponding low volume.

I powered down the DMP, DSD, BHK pre and power amps, waited around 30-secs and powered up again.

Inserted CD1 into the DMP and it played at normal volume. Reinserted CD2 and pressed play. It didn’t play at all. I ejected it, wiped it and reinserted it. It played but, again, at the abnormally low volume.

I ejected it and inserted an unrelated CD. It also played at the lower volume. I then powered down and up just the DMP. I once again played the unrelated CD and it played at normal volume.

I played various disks after this incident without repeat of the issue. I have not been game to play CD2 again.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?