DMP 3.10 released

Alright, we’re finished testing DMP 3.10 and we’re extremely happy with this release. It’ll be the last release for DMP this year.

It’s pretty close to “there” and I encourage all DMP owners to download the firmware and get to know it.

Here’s the issues that fixed:

  • SACDs don’t always complete DSD handshake
  • CD/SACDs play first few seconds of song when user presses Stop
  • Implemented timeout to large screen display even when there is no Album Art, if Cover Art is enabled
  • Bit depth and sample rates for a lot of media formats are not consistent on display between DSD/DSjr and DMP
  • Repeat mode not working consistently
  • Playing certain CDs causes DMP to crash
  • Dimmer slider doesn’t affect the logo brightness
  • Pressing Play/ pause button on remote while Tray is out should cause CD to start playing after load
  • Play immediately after disc insert or Stop doesn’t play
  • Sample rate and bit-depth are displayed when user moves through directories

Enjoy this latest update. It’s available for download now on the PS Audio download page


Is the download “force load” so we don’t experience the issue of firmware not updating as was the case with 3.09?


Hi hthaller,

The version posted is not the force load version.
Force load firmware can be installed on almost all of our products so it would be possible to accidentally put for example, DMP firmware on a DSD DAC.

As such we do not post it on the site to prevent any mishaps like that from happening.
If you would like a forceload version please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to get those files emailed to you ASAP.


  • Jeremy

That function still not working

I noticed before anyone asked that this is not a force load. I know how to modify the loader to make it so if I should need to. I was curious if the issue with the Dimmer affecting the sound in the DAC is also the case with the DMP. I have always set the brightness lower as full on is way too bright. If the code for the DAC PIC is modified to adjust the brightness at a lower frequency will that same programming be done to the DMP load?

About to install it now. Paul, should we expect any improvement in SQ?

Yup - me neither.

Much improved. In a quick test, everything worked well. Screen 2 (with larger cut number) has timeline progress bar but no times (as it has on first screen progress bar.) I only so far tried CD. It’ll be such a relief to turn it on and not just hope all will work! It did take three tries to load from same FW on SD card, but third time was the charm. Thank you all. This dramatically improves my listen. I’ve been gun shy for years as I once had an amp blow out with drama on turn on. The iffy nature of the earlier firmware brought that fear back. Now, without psychiatric help, I can settle in and enjoy!

Oh nuts! Letting a CD play… screen stuck on cut 2. FWIW, I had skipped to track 2 as I didn’t wish to hear the first track. This is the little cut number screen.

I had a wild idea. Hit pause on remote. It didn’t pause but now shows correct track.

Turning the Drama off ALWAYS helps with the need for psychiatric help ; )

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…only one, but the bulb needs to want to change.

No go for me also…

3.10 - installation without problems. SACD - turns on quietly. Blu-ray Audio - does not switch tracks. SQ - there is no charm like 3.06. I remain at 3.06.

OMFG. Nearly choked on my beverage. Good one! Thanks for the laugh : )

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Though I feel that’s a question you should answer for yourself without pre-whatever, I’m listening to an SACD of Kind of Blue (mostly because it happened to be sitting there) and it sounds great. Does it sound better than back in “.09”? Don’t know.

And it is displaying the correct DSD rate and so on, rather than a PCM value.

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Software loaded OK.
Long track titles are still getting chopped (it wasn’t on the fixed list).
COLD PLAY “A Head Full Of Dreams” got to track 11 and just stopped playing.
Pressing Play with disc tray open does not cause CD to start playing, it just causes the tray to close (despite what the fixed issues list says).

Loaded 3.10 a little over an hour ago in only a couple of minutes. Listened to a Hayden Piano Trio–sounded wonderful. And no problems with control functions. Now looking forward to the DSD upgrade.

Loaded fine. DSD handshake does not maintain after disc reads. Goes back to showing PCM but does flash back to DSD again when the SACD starts playing.

I hear you. I can’t listen now because wife and son are around (I listen at loud levels) . I will definitely check it out for myself. I just wondered if anyone else had any thoughts.

I’m sure we will ; )

Loaded 3.10 without any trouble.
Due to the problems I encountered with 3.09 I had to roll back to 3.07, so the jump in sound from 3.07 to 3.10 is ‘significant’!

I had problems with CDs: Tavener - Eternity’s Sunrise . Mozart Clarinet Concerto K622 in A Major. Tom Waits – Mule Variations. Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers At Birdland . Andy Fairweather Low And The Low Riders – Live From The New Theatre, Cardiff.
When I played said CDs the DMP would lock up and the only way to stop the music was to flick the rear switch then power cycle/reboot. Just hope I am not speaking too soon - but they are all playing perfectly now, and I have never heard them sound this good - Pre 3.10!

DMP is functioning ‘much better’ to all I ask of it… The CD doesn’t start playing when the tray closes - but works fine when I press play. Not something that would bother me.

I will see how it plays out over the coming days and just hope and pray this is it, no more locking up whilst playing SACDs & CDs.

Thank you - to all involved with 3.10 .

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