Update for Products page for new Power Plants

When will the Products pages be updated for the new line of Power Plants? I’ve read in another thread that the PPs were getting new product codes (P20, P15 & P12). I’ve also read in the forum tidbits on differences between old and new. As a drooling waiting new owner it would be cool to see the Product pages with the new Power Plant photos and details while I patiently wait. :star_struck:

I was told that the new units have started production, but I think the new names put a kink in the process. Originally they were going to retain the P5/P10 designations, perhaps with Mk II, but a last minute decision was made to change to P12/P15 so PS Audio is waiting for the new front panels to be silk-screened. They were on display at AXPONA, though they had a kludged name plate. I would suspect as soon as they get a correct front panel they will do the photography for the website and get them up for sale. I believe deliveries will start sometime in May.