Upgrade program PWT -> DMP?

Hi all,

Does anybody know if there’s an upgrade program for the PWT to DMP level planned? Such as the one we used to have from PWD to DS Dac…

Here you go Arcus7…


Thanks, but that was not my question: I’m looking for an upgrade kit which changes only the internals from PWT to DMP level (as it is available for the DACs). I want to keep the case of my PWT.

I think I have read something about a possible upgrade kit in a thread somewhere but there has been no official confirmation so far from PSA, as far as I remember…

My recollection is that there is no such upgrade kit and it is not possible.

Elk is correct. There is no upgrade kit. Nothing is the same between the two - from the chassis onward it’s all different - so upgrades are not possible. Sorry.

Thank you, Paul.

But there still could be the possibility to trade in old PWTs for a new DMP… :wink:

There is a USA buy-back offer on equipment and the money is offset against a new PS Audio purchase (see ‘trade ups’ under the Resources menu at the top of the page). This only operates in the USA. Elsewhere any assistance is up to the local distributer.