Upgrade to P12 from P3

I currently have a Stellar P3 for my source components - streamer, DDC, DAC, Preamp. I’m wondering whether I should take advantage of the current promotion on the P12. Other than the increased capacity (which I don’t think I need), what would be the other reasons to upgrade?

Each successive model of the PSA powerplants results in better sound quality.

I went straight to the P20 so I cannot tell you how it compares, but there are plenty of posts in the forum covering the improvements from the different levels of the power plants.

Considering you get to try it at home for 30 days and return it if you don’t perceive the value I would suggest you have nothing to lose if you try it.

I upgraded from the P3 to the P12 last year. Honestly, I did not hear much difference with the P3 alone when I added it to my audio set up. However, the P12 was noticeable improvement on my system the moment I turned it on. It really reduce the noise floor and provided better blacks. I could hear a lot of separation between the instruments that I did not hear before. I have been very pleased with my purchase.

As for the P3, I was curious and moved it over to our home theater set up and never said anything to the wife. That night we sat down to watch something and she immediately said “What did you do? The picture looks great.” This is coming from a woman who could care less about PQ, SQ, etc… The P3 now has a new place in our home.