Upgraded P5 to P12

Been listening for about 2 hours and the improvement is across the board. Everything is effortless. Better bass control and detail, sweeter top end, mids natural and detailed. P12 is a significant upgrade from p5.

Well done PS Audio team.

My components are
Simaudio 680d Streamer/DAC
Simaudio 700i Integrated Amp
Dynaudio Contour 60 Speakers
XLO Signature 3 power cords and interconnects


Sweet! Thanks for posting this and sharing!

Welcome @anuragmathur !

Welcome to the fun spot…

Thank you for sharing your experiences going from p5 to P12…

In going from a P5 to a P12 my experience was exactly as yours…
Confirming that the improved technologies P12 over P5 besides
being on paper …it is a remarkable audible reality …

Enjoy !!

Best wishes

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I also have both devices. Both are in use in separate systems. Statistically, the P12 (2019) performs about 10 percent better than the P5 (2012) with respect to THD.

Not sure I can pinpoint a sound quality difference though. Both are great units.

What I have discovered is that the auditable differences with major/minor changes to ones system is directly correlated to the resolution ones system is capable of.

My current set up is very sensitive to changes in the signal path. My previous systems capability was less sensitive.

Great to hear! Crazy how much the difference can be from a P5 to a P12. Glad you’re enjoying it!