UPS with network switch and Roon Core etc

I have my Roon Core, Melco S100 switch (soon) and NAS in a cabinet with my P10. Would you expect that to add noise back into the chain? I would probably put the NAS and Core into the UPS and the UPS into the P10. Leave the Melco off the UPS. Would that counter act the noise savings from the P10?

What do you know about the Melco power supply? Is it a switching type, can external LPS be used?

I have the unit, bought the partner Plixer LPS (which is really well made) and new Pangea cable (on the way). I have not hooked up yet as I am waiting for all parts and evaluating new speaker cables etc… One thing at a time. But yeah its meant to have LPS as the one supplied looks just like a laptop power supply. Many of the resellers of these bundle with the Plixer. I bought separately as I got a floor model from a shop in San Fran.

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I had great success plugging my router switch LPS into a P20. Much quieter than previous switch mode laptop type LPS. As long as Melco has meta internal faraday cagel case it should be able to install in same rack. I would keep it away from wifi devices. RF absorber on ethernet step up transformers should be avoided and will muffle sound, but RF absorber nearer to digital devices inside it could benefit.

The pictures below shows processor heat sink near center of unit as well as other digital chips. A RF Absorber AB7050HF patch above or below these devices would likely give one even better black background and lower noise floor if you wish to experiment.