Any benefits using linear power supply with router?

Is it really worth to invest $400 LPS for a $200 Asus router?
My DSJ is the only one connected to LAN ports. Rest is over wifi.

I hope the answer is no.
(Although my Switch is 115VAC with an $800 power cable to it)

If you want to try one you can buy a TeraDak off of Ebay for just over a $100 or a Jameco for less than $20 from their website.

I’m trying to find out to go for LPS on router or ethernet galvanic isolation at DSJ?

Then buy one from Jameco for less than $20 and find out. Your system and your ears.

The way I see it, the price of components is inconsequential (other than your willingness and ability to pay for it) with regard to justification for purchasing an LPS.

The two things that should matter are:

  1. Is it confirmed that the component in question does in fact have a power-related noise issue caused by the current power supply?
  2. Based on the type of component, is there a strong likelihood that the power supply noise is in fact diminishing SQ in your system?

If your system stands to sound better with the LPS, even if the router was $50, a $400 investment seems easy to justify if the rest of your system is resolving enough to take advantage of this improvement.

As @dawkinsj suggested, trying one is the best and only true way to know. Although eBay wouldn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee return so considering a more expensive model with a return policy may still we worth considering.

I’ve been streaming to DS Sr Bridge II through optical converters.
Recently I bought a HDPlex LPS for future HTPC project.

I powered the $50 router, two TP Link optical converter, and my 10 yrs old Acer with it straight away.
Oh my, what a difference a day makes, it’s just lift the veil.
I’d like to give all the hifi terminology, but for me is just so inviting and engaging with music. I couldn’t leave the music play at background from time to time like before anymore.
It’s the most obvious change for the money I spent on accessories in my system, my 2c.

Hdplex is very good considering the price. Now you just need to upgrade those crappy dc cables. I have tried a few different and would recommend Lovecable ( for me it sounds the best,driven what ever ). It´s pricey though around 200€ in europe. And pretty much any up-occ cable made by Ghent,Zenwave or who ever makes decent ones.

So obviously the answer is yes,there are benefits using LPS to power routers too but they always add some cost. Name of the game…

Yes indeed,I can confirm sBooster MAKE a difference on my Asus RT-AC86U. One thing though,DC cable is short and force me to have the router closer to audio rack.
FMC are coming this week but I’ll use iFi iPower 9V for both of them. Will see what and if indeed further improvements.

This is not a problem unless the router has WiFi enabled. And in some cases, having it closer can be beneficial due to shorter ethernet runs, particularly if you are using an optical filter such as the GigaFOIL.

Unfortunately it needs wi-fi enabled because is part of a mesh system :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Can’t understand why not a longer DC cable…


Here is a source for quality DC cables at reasonable prices.

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Was going to suggest Ghent myself as he makes fantastic cables of just about every type. However, the Sbooster does not allow for aftermarket DC cables as they are permanently affixed at the output connection. And they have a filtering module on the DC cable itself. You could add an extension, but not sure of the sound quality affect. May be worth a shot though. Easy enough experiment and could solve the problem. Ghent is a great resource.

Maybe an extension but on FAQ sBooster website is not recommended longer lengths.

Damn I didn’t expect to spend that much on the DC cables yet :face_with_head_bandage:
But thanks for letting me know, let me enjoy the LPS for a while :crazy_face:

Haha :grin: funny name for a cable brand that is, and please enjoy your Hdplex by all means. Those Ghent dc cables are far more affordable and very good SQ :+1:

This router sounds better than all the usual stuff.

Combined with this for WiFI

And use an LPS for the router it makes a huge difference

Which one of theirs? They have tons on Amazon?!

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You can go directly through their website or call them and tell them what the specs are of the supply provided with the device are.

nope we want Amazon