Can I connect UPS to P10 to power server/router in case of power outage?

Hi, I am using a P10 PP where I have connected my audio gear (Devialet 400 integrated, SonicTransporter i9 Music Server Roon Core, router).

Since Roon Core now offers streaming from your Roon core outside your home via Internet, I’ve got a CyberPower 1500VA UPS only for the music server and router, as, if there is an outage, the server needs to be manually turned on, same as a regular computer.

So, can I plug the UPS to a P10 outlet and then to the server and router? I would say yes but, Are there Any cons? Or should I plug the UPS and music server/router completely separate from the P10?


The UPS power supply will probably backfeed a lot of noise into the household AC. If you plug it into the P10, the audio gear will not be isolated from this noise (not totally isolated, though).
To know for sure, do some experimenting.

Yes, it is not clear which way to go. But the UPS battery waveform would only be there when there is an outage. I just want the music server not to permanently shut down if there is a power failure within the limits of the UPS. In those cases, I won’t even be able (or want to) use the main gear (amplifier, etc.),

I’m not clear if the UPS will be normally ON so it is ready to go in case of outage.

Though I get what you are trying to achieve! No is the correct answer!

Yes, the UPS will normally be ON

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