Upscaling before Directstream?

I’m considering mixing and matching various components I have in various systems around the house because, after all, there’s a pandemic and I’m bored. So…In light of how the DS DAC works (which I admittedly don’t fully understand), is there any point in inserting a Chord M Scaler into the signal path immediately before the DS? My limited understanding of the DS suggests that this upscaling would be a pointless exercise.

No technical point, but you may or may not like the change in sound. If you have one lying around or can borrow one it might be worth a listen. Otherwise I suspect you can spend the money somewhere else in your system to better effect.

I tried an M-Scaler as soon as they came out - it took me seconds to appreciate its upscaling from 16/44.1 to 24/88.2 (I then go through a Wyred4Sound Remedy femto reclocker to get me to 96/24 for input to the digital crossover - I guess with a Direcstream that wouldn’t be valuable).

Update: The M-Scaler can output via optical or coax (on a BNC). You could upscale to 24/196.4 - should be great. The Rob Watts algorithm for upscaling is terrific.