Compatible I2S source devices

Indeed, I had not mentioned the Innuos or the Auralic devices here as they do not have I2S HDMI outputs. But they are clearly highly recommended by PS Audio forum members and they offer server funtionality including CD ripping (esp. the Innuos) as well as apps that forum members recommended when I asked them. They are also available now with prices below list prices. Whereas the arrivals of new PS Audio devices keep slipping into the future. We have already had cost rises (as well as delays) from logistics issues and now raw material prices have spiked. So I did not want to wait longer to move to a new setup.

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I checked into the Euphony site and the new Summus server is coming out. The new server with I2S plus SSD storage may just be enough to win me over from Innuos. My reason is unique because I have a AQ Firebird HDMI in storage waiting for the “Octave Server”, and it will be useless with a server without I2S connection. Plus, I will need an equal quality USB cable that may cost me 1/3 of the server or more.

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True, the Innuos do not offer an I2S interface. That said IME they are certainly worthy of one’s consideration. Especially if one believes they need a $2k, $1150 discounted, AudioQuest Dragon HDMI cable to get the most out of an Air Lens/SDDAC experience.
Personally I’ve been using a WWPS& USB with the Innuos, and and am more than pleased with the results.

I think that many people think too narrow-minded on I2S, just for the purpose of using exactly this interface. OK, it may be the best audio interface in theory, but in reality, a wide range of source devices is not available. It’s almost like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I believe that the good old USB audio standard offers many advantages. If only because the choice of devices and possible combinations is huge. Thus, an exotic interface does not block me in the selection of my components. Yes, USB does have its problems and you have to be a bit careful when selecting the right connection. But there are very high-quality solutions, also in terms of galvanic isolation. Think, for example, of the Sonore opticalRendu. You can achieve an almost perfect connection to the DAC via USB without losing the advantages of a wide range of compatibility.

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I do admit to having had an I2S fixation without ever having heard it. And I wanted to compare I2S-HDMI vs. USB from my new Silent Angel Munich M1T. But I still have not been able to get USB to work from the M1T to my Stellar DAC. At least fiddling with the app did not work. Probably need to research it a bit and/or write to Silent Angel. I can say though that I2S-HDMI from the M1T sounds noticeably better than when using USB from a Surface PC running on battery with Foobar DSD output… and the Surface Foobar combo sounded GOOD already. I am pretty confident that USB would not sound better. And there are now A LOT of I2S-HDMI devices on the market. The “wide range of compatibility picture” has changed. A number of manufacturers specifically identify being PS Audio compatible.

Side notes: (1) I received a Keces dual linear power supply today to power both the 5V Silent Angel and the 12V 10G Netgear switch. I could hear the different right away. Though I would rather have one less box. That is, I would be fine with the PS Audio AirLens AC approach. (2) A $50 shielded unidirectional HDMI cable did not sound any better than a $5 HDMI cable for I2S. But at least the pricey one is HDMI 2.1 compatible. The cheap one is confirmed not to work with HDMI 2.1.


I am looking into LPS too. What makes you decide to go with Keces? There are tons of LPS out there, and I was thinking about the Plixir power supply. There are many selling on Ebay at incredibly low prices, and I do not know if anyone has good experience with those.

This question I think was assuming you are starting with the DS DAC. What can you feed it other than the other PS Audio gear.

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I realize this comment is from way back, but I just spotted it today and it solved a major problem for me. I could not get a Integra DXR3.4 AVR to accept DSD through HDMI from an Oppo BDP-103D. The Integra manual indicated it should, but could not get it to work. Never thought of using the second HDMI output on the Oppo. Tried this evening and a single layer SACD came bursting through the Integra in full DSD glory. So thank you @Frode for posting this tidbit.

Shameless… very shameless plug:

If you want to try I2S without breaking the bank.

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@dchang05 the Keces P3 have some really good reviews here in Germany. Maybe these do not turn up in Google for you elsewhere. And I am using higher-power 10G switches. So the Keces P3-1 version with one 5-9V output for my Silent Angel M1T streamer and one higher power 12-16V for my Netgear 10G switch in the AV-room made sense. That said, I would rather have equipment that can be powered at full AC downstream from a PS Audio regenerator. But that does not work always. Having googled PLiXiR a bit just now since you mention them, they seem to be pretty good too… or even better. Although it looks like Mr. McGowan has strong views to the contrary in Power Plant and Noise - #29 by John_H)… “None that I am aware of that actually do anything.” So I think it depends on what you are powering how!

I did not realize that you are in Germany! I own two German cars but has never set foot in your country yet. I did consider buying a car from their pickup program. I think for now the Plixir is on top of my list because they have a dual PS unit that provides the same voltage. I am eyeing on the new Euphony Summus server, and they have a matched endpoint that requires the same power that I may acquire in future (or a PSA AirLens).

I love my P15, and it provides power to all PSA gears. They have great synergy working together.

Hi, just wanted to add this info from @TheGM from the AirLens thread: “I have tried numerous other Streamers using a Matrix X-SPDIF 2 to convert USB to I2S. IFI ZEN Stream, Lumen, Rose Audio. To me, and of course you need to listen for yourself, the [Musica Pristina] A Capella III combination with the DSD DAC via I2S is the best sound I’ve gotten. Plus it plays all my .dsf music.”


Interesting thread. As a newbie here - hoping for a bit of advice
I have recently purchased DSD Sr. (Sunlight Firmware).V Happy. System is :-
Mac Mini >USB (PCM 44.1Khz) (via LAN Rover) > Chord Mscaler > Co-ax > DSD > NVA M600 Monoblocks > Meadowlark Kestrel Hotrods
At the moment the max upsampling I can get from the Mscaler is 176.4 Khz (Limited by Co-ax input on DSD) . Into the DSD this is very nice
However with I2S input accepting 352.8 Khz in Sunlight. If I can convert the co-ax output from MScaler to I2S using a DDC then I could theoretically get the max upsampling from the Mscaler possible (352.8 Khz for a non-chord DAC)
It appears that the Audio-G DI-20 may accept Co-ax input at 352.8 Khz. I am in touch with Magna audio in Europe who have resolved any worries I have about I2S output compatibility - they will ensure I2S pins meet PS Audio spec.
However for me there is a slight concern around the input on the DI-20 - will it actually accept 352.8 Khz ? I notice for example that the Denafrips DDC’s max out at 196 KHz on Coax. The specs on the Magna audio website are slighly contradictory - so I am waiting clarification ( response has been v good so far). From reading this thread I get the impression I may be walking into a mine field. Hence would appreciate the experience from this group
Does anyone have any experience of sucessfully feeding a DDC with a 352.8 Khz signal over co-ax ? I cant see why in theory this should be a problem, however I dont have much experience and am afraid I may be misssing something fundamental about co-ax specs.
Advice, caveats etc will be much appreciated

Well, without having any technical basis, just mathematician intuition, my notion would be to let PS Audio / Ted Smith processes upscale 16-44K PCM direct to DSD, instead of having an interim PCM level provided by other gear. See Ted’s comments in Upscaling before Directstream? - Audio Components / DACs - PS Audio. But I have to admit that I do not know jack about “Rob Watts’ unique filter technology”. Though Tom Stockham himself told me in the late 1980s that 16-44K was not picked only so as to fit Beethoven 9 on a single CD disc. It was also because humans could not detect better. But, yeah, that was with equipment from like 40 years ago…

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I agree, without having any experience with the OP’s approach.

Given the inherent nature of how the DS works, these particular upstream digital gymnastics seem like they would be superfluous. That is my instinct anyway. In the end, try it “both ways” and go with what sounds best - as always.

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Agreed what sounds best has (nearly) always been the decision maker for me. Must admit to having made more than a few wrong calls in the 45 years - but such is the nature of this hobby. I am new to some of the digital gymnastics that can be tried to improve SQ , so far my subjective opinion is that the Chord Mscaler and PS audio LAN Rover in front of the DSD Sr improve the size of the soundstage separation and general listenability for the better. I had read what Ted has said I think he has explained that the upsampling that occurs within the DSD means that upsampling before may may not be the best bang for the buck. Fair enough.I doff my cap to Ted as I love the DSD Sr. Thanks to both in response to my post. I had confirmation from the dealer in Europe that my proposed use of the DDC should work. If this proves to be true I may well post findings on the “Upscaling before Directstream” thread .


Looking forward to your reporting on your experience…

Have fun.

I started out with a Stellar Strata and then got the Directstream Memory player which I connected with the i2s cable. I then got the Directstream DAC with the Bridge II and transferred my Usb connection from the Mac Studio to the Dac. I kept the Stellar Strata as my amplifier and connected it to the Directstream Dac using the XLR connections. Everything sounds fine. Would I see any improvement if I connected the second 12s connection directly to the Stellar Strata?

I don’t think you will see improvement and it’s not necessary. The DSD Dac is superior to the Dac in the Strata so you are doing it right! Enjoy. I’m assuming the DMP is connected to the DSD? I would have all sources going into the DSD.

The DMP is connected to the DSD. Thanks for your response.