UpTown Audio System Additions

If your usb equipment allows, I suggest the UpTone USPCB A>B Adapter is very, very worthy. I recently purchased this when I ordered the UpTone etherRegen. I now have it connecting microRendu to the Matrix X-SPDIF 2. Compared to the expense of many of the cables discussed here, it is incredibly inexpensive at $35.00 plus shipping. I have other USB cables such as Platinum Starlight, Triode Wire Dongle, and Paul Pang Red. My use has been primarily the Triode Wire from the microRendu, and at times the Platinum Starlight. While still early in use, the USPCB A>B Adapter now seems even more neutral than the TWL Dongle, which I have found centered between the Paul Pang and the Platinum Starlight for detail and warmth. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

The etherRegen is another piece purchased at the same time. I have been playing both for roughly 8 hours a day for the last 4 days. The DirectStream is not my sole DAC, but I tried this configuration starting yesterday. There seemingly is more depth and information in the music, better imaging, and wider soundstage. These are not the sole changes in my system, but the DirectStream presentation now is far more interesting and what I am accepting as more “musical” than I can recall.

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When I bought a used MicroRendu it came with the USPCB A>B adapter. I will have to pit it against my Wireworld Platinum. Fun.