Audioquest diamond or Wireworld platinum?

Which one would choose
1/ from the dmp or Matrix to the dsd senior (hdmi)
2/ into bridge 2 (Ethernet)
3/ for a USB connection

Thank you all for your opinion and advice.

Both companies put out well-respected and used products and have their established customer bases. If I may, it might serve you to check out Shunyata, too. They have recently debuted an Ethernet cable and already offer USB and HDMI. Just a thought. Best of luck.

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I’ve been a big fan of WW for a long time. I’ve used platinum ICs, platinum usb, and platinum coax for several years now. Never tried any I thought were nearly as good. I recently added Platinum HDMI and ethernet cables to my system, and, the improvement I heard was large! I never expected an ethernet cable from router to Bridge2 in my DSDsr to have much of an affect, I can’t believe how wrong I was. Good luck with your search.


Thank you guys for your input !

Just out of curiosity, were you thinking about using a loom from one manufacturer or would you be looking into/open to mixing and matching?

I would presume the loom-route increases the likelihood of cohension and success, but who knows?

I am open to all suggestions, but my local dealer is offering mostly Audioquest and Wireworld.
They are also offering Tellurium Q.

I do not have a Wireworld tattoo yet but it probably won’t be long until I do.


Very happy with my AQ Vodka HDMI between PWT and DS DAC.

The shorter cable the better IMHO.

Thank you, guys, for your input.

Diamond should give you a smooth thicker sound. I believe (never heard it) the Platinum will give you thinner (relative) detailed sound.

Shunyata Sigma AES/EBU. Sounds better than any HDMI I had between DMP and DSJ.

I have the tellurium q black diamond speaker cables and they sounded much better to me in my system than the WW silver eclipse 7. Like truly a few steps up. On the other hand I haven’t heard the WW gold or platinum.

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My experience with WW Silver eclipse is, they are the worst of the bunch in my system. Platinum and good old Eclipse (copper), are both much better. Silver eclipse has always sounded harsh, as all other silver plated cables have, to my ears.

For usb, try this for $60. Used it for years.

I’ve just invested in expensive power cables as a loan item reduced noise levels, but I’ve tried a couple of audiophile CAT cables and could not tell the difference from $5 Amazon CAT7. So I use Amazon. Can someone explain why a properly made CAT cable with insulated pairs is any better than any other? Like many people, I have a 30m run from my modem to my audio system access point, it is $1 CAT5, I ran a CAT7 and it made no difference.

I have achieved better digital by using low noise power for all ethernet devices and an optical bridge, which is a lot cheaper than some single ethernet cables I’ve seen. (I use 19v linear power and an iFi 9v unit, but am about to pick up a used SOTM 9v battery unit, it has 2 batteries and switches between one charging and one supplying power to your device. With luck it will power 2 devices.)

IMO the Wireworld Platinum HDMI and USB are AMAZING! After several hours of constant play. Wow much better then the Cardas Clear I was using. The depth, space around the music is outstanding! Not to say the Cardas is bad, it’s very nice. It’s just not on the same level as the WW.

I have wireworld eclipse 7 speaker cable and aq diamond usb. I think the aq is nice. And the the ww eclipse are great as well. How does your system lean? The aq have zero harshness. The ww speaker cable are just all around great. I would not trade them for aq. The aq diamond steers completely clear of any digititus. The ww are more transparent to the source I think.