Usb contamination?

@tedsmith : I have a brand new PSA PST on i2s1 and a matrix on i2s2.
Would adding a usb connection from my nucleus to the DSD introduce noise and degrade the sound?

Perhaps, but I’d compare the advantages to the actual sound quality differences. Expecially if the experiment is free.

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Thanks Ted. I guess my question is: how much noise isolation is there on the usb input of the DSD ? If you connect a noisy computer to it, will it ruin the I2S inputs sound quality ?

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If I remember well, in the mk2, all inputs will be galvanic isolated. I presume that with the mk2, adding a USB connection to my Nucleus will have 0 impact to the sound quality of the other inputs (pst on i2s1 and matrix on i2s2). Is that correct ?

In principle, tho nothing is ever perfect. With the Mk II you’ll be able to power off the USB when not in use which should also help.

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Thanks a lot Ted.