USB vs Bridge Input on DS Junior

Hi Guys I would be grateful for any help you could give me here.

I have a DS Junior with the latest firmware ( Huron 3.3.3 ) installed and with Bridge 2

I currently connect to the DSJ using either the Bridge input or the USB input connected to my laptop.

Using Mcontrol HD app I can stream Tidal in MQA quality and the display on my DSJ will show me that I am playing a MQA file, DLNA, PCM and the sample rate of the file.

Still using the Mcontrol HD app I can switch to my NAS drive and again the display will show me if I am playing a FLAC or WAV file, DLNA, PCM and again the different sample rates of the files being played.

However when I switch to the USB input and connected to my laptop running windows 10, the display will only show the setting that has been made in the audio settings of the computer so this could be 24bit 96Khz or 24 bit 192Khz etc,depending on what setting has been made, so no matter what file type is being played Mp3, WAV, FLAC or what bit rate or sample rate, none of this is shown, just 24bit 192Khz, or whatever, as per the audio settings.

So my question is, is this usual ?

Am I missing something in the computer settings to allow me to see this information on the display,

Do I need to use a particular programme on my laptop to be able to see this information

Is there possibly a fault with my DSJ.

Any help or feedback would be most welcome

Welcome to the forum!

What are you using to play music? Windows Media Player or something like it? If so, that’s likely your problem. From what source–the NAS or the laptop itself? I’m more of a Mac guy so others can undoubtedly be more helpful but some additional information on your setup would be helpful. There are a lot of software choices (server software, player software, control apps, etc.) but it depends on what you are trying to do.

If using the USB output from your PC you need to be sure you’re using an application that can take exclusive control over the audio output. This is important otherwise Windows is controlling the output and more importantly Windows mixer is still on which can degrade the quality of the sound output. Applications like JRiver, Foobar2000, MPC-HC, TIdal and others allow you to use exclusive sound output modes such as WASAPI exclusive and ASIO. Once you enable one of these exclusive modes you’ll see your DSJ respond to format changes as each song was recorded at.

on pc give a try to jplay streamer, the result is far better than bridge II on my ststem.