Use of JL CR-1 xover with BHK Pre - which option?

I have two options. I am using option 1 right now, but thinking of using Option 2 (I believe the JL will mix RCA inputs to XLR outputs) instead. Is running with the Highpass on to make the speakers more efficient and mix better with sub (option 1) or go with option 2 where its a direct line from pre to amp and just let the CR-1 handle the sub lowpass and bypass. Looking for opinions.

I use option 1 for mine. My main speakers don’t benefit from a full range signal. I have the crossover set at 65hz. Option 1 takes advantage of what the CR-1 does best seamless integration! Enjoy!

Thanks for your input. I have it that way now, but then watched one of @Paul 's old videos and said keep EQ out. its not exactly EQ, and was made for audiophile grade systems, hence I wanted to see what others thought.

You can try it both ways. Which ever sounds best to you roll with that. I recommend the white papers for proper set up of the CR1 and subwoofer in your system. Barry was instrumental in the development in the JL Audio Cr-1 if not the driving force behind it. I was referred to this website by JL Audio for proper set up. I’d buy his set up disc also it is a must for proper set up.