Using both outputs on phono preamp at the same time

I am not very good at science so was just wondering… My Stellar phono preamp has both RCA and XLR outputs. What will happen if I connect them both to (different) main preamp inputs. Using different cables and / or XLR inputs could be night and day. Am I likely to damage my precious HIFI equipment?

I have the balanced set going to my M700s and the RCA going to an Adcom 545. The M700s drive the speakers in the main system. The Adcom drives speakers on the first floor of the house. My pre amp is a Mark Levinson No.28. I’ve had no problems other than the gain doesn’t match but it very seldom I run both at the same time. Can’t be in more that one room at a time, right?

I understand that both preamp outputs can be used to connect to power amplifiers, my concern is about connecting two phono stages outputs to the same preamplifier.

There would be no harm in doing this. In fact, it is a great way to compare RCA to XLR sound quality by switching back and forth between the two.

Thanks John. I had it connected with Cardas Cross XLR and it sounded awful. I tried my old (6 times cheaper!) Supra RCA and got it almost perfect!

As long as they are in separate inputs then there’s no reason not to.

Many thanks Paul.

Good point Paul! I hadn’t considered that.

I compared interconnects that way from my SACD player to preamp. Made things much easier.