Gain Cell DAC - can I use XLR and RCA outputs?

I have 2 power amps that I use for different purposes and I would like to connect both to one preamp. I currently do this with a RCA switchbox I made. One of the amps I use for music and the other I use for TV and games (The music amp is a DIY Pass F5 and I can’t imagine it not being in my system in some form). Is is possible to connect an amp o the XLR out and another to the RCA out? Would I be able to switch between the two or would they both play at the same time (assuming both amps are on)? Are there any other issues that would arise if I do this?

They will both be active at the same time, and there’s no switching between them possible on the DAC. But I don’t think there’s any harm to the DAC in connecting and using both.

Both would be active at the same time. You could also go straight output via RCA or XLR with a A/B switch.

Shouldn’t be a problem at all but as others have mentioned, both outputs will be active at the same time.