Using Plex app to connect to DS Bridge


I have a Plex Server in my NAS drive and I want to be able to listen to music through my DS. Can Plex connect to the DS? I know that Plex can connect to Sonos. Is there anything in the pipeline for this? I also use Roon, however, Roon have made it so that you cannot play your own local music files if the Internet is disrupted, which is, of course, sheer madness.

Can Plex connect to the Bridge?



I believe it is a UPnP/DLNA certified device so, yes.

Thanks Paul,

Not sure how though. Roon has an iOS app and so does Plex but Plex is not ‘seeing’ the Bridge. I’d be genuinely curious if anyone has been able to this.



Althought they’re both correct about UPnP/DLNA, they’re wrong about it working direct. Plex requires an app or BT connection. So you will need another device/computer running Plex (ie. Pi, ShieldTV, etc) in the chain which then connects to the DS DAC digitally. It sucks, I know.

I think (but have not personally tried this) that you will need to install the Plex app on the Synology. See this link and choose Synology in the pulldown menu:

You may have to indicate that Plex is a trusted publisher in order for the installation to work.

The Plex server can behave like any other UPnP/DLNA Server. While the DS DAC Bridge is a UPnP Renderer.

All Shon needs is to add a Control Point, like MConnect, to his iDevice/Android, and use that instead of the Plex App to find both the Server and the Render to play audio. It’s not complicated :grin:

My MConnect app is not ‘seeing’ the DS Bridge. Only Chromecast

I was under the impression that he didn’t have a server in his system yet; Roon no longer works for him and he is looking for alternatives. If he does have a server, then you are correct.

There are different versions of Mconnect available in the App Store. The one that is recommended for use with the DS DAC is MconnectControl (I have the HD version). I know that some things, notably Tidal, don’t work if you have the wrong version of Mconnect. I’m not sure if that’s causing your current problem, but it’s worth checking.