Very advanced Foobar question

If you want to load complete files into system memory rather than disk playback. Under advanced>playback you can set a large number for “full file buffering up to”. I take it this is not the same as other software’s memory playback feature? Since Foobar may still access the disk. Or in fact is it? Thank you


I am interested in this… I have a ton of RAM that is really bored in my PC.


Bruce in Philly

Full file buffering means it will load the whole file (or up to the limit) into memory before it starts to play. To still remain gapless it has to start reading before the the playback of the last file ends. Basically you are asking for a big disc hickup sometime while you are playing. What’s worse your drive may have timed out and might have to spin back up again. Depending on other buffering options that wakeup may or may not cause a gap in the playing. I think it still uses the Playback/Output/Buffer length to tell how far from the end of the track it will start reading the next file - but I’m not sure.

As always, it’s probably worth a try to see if you like the tradeoffs.