Vibration cancelling


i have since some years a BASE Technology vibration cancelling platform, which i believe is a waste not to use.

Unfortunately my DirectStream Memory Player (DMP) does not fit to the plate (1-2 cm too deep).

I’m thinking to suspend the DMP in three points and i wonder which would be the best suspension points from a chassi stiffness perspective. Should i go for four points?

A cheap alternative for the suspension can be 3-4 rubber squared of vibration damping material (2.5x2.5 cm squares).

I would appreciate any good/bad experiences, advices or recommendation to share?

Juan Cifuentes

I use the 2.5 by 2.5 vibration pads to good effect. Might not be up to the more expensive pucks/iso pods but it works for me


Each of my components indirectly sits on a sandbox isolation platform with a Corian top plate. Then I have used BDR (Black Diamond Racing) carbon composite cones and pucks for years to bypass the stock feet of my components and interface with the sandboxes. I use trios of cones with or without pucks as rack spacing permits.

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