Rack Mounting your Directstream

I know rack mounting isn’t very popular among audiophiles, although I am not sure why not. I’ve rack mounted pretty much everything else in my rack and would like to rack mount my Directstream as well. Anyone done it? What kit did you use?

The other choice is to just put it on a shelf in my rack, but that seems like cheating.

I do not recall anyone rack mounting the DS. The PS Audio chassis does not permit the easy installation of ears.

My guess is audiophiles do not like rack mounting as it looks industrial and there is no vibration control.

Both my DSD and DMP are mounted on shelves in a MidAtlantic rack. The DSD is on a 3U fixed shelf (awaiting delivery of IsoPods for vibration control) and the DMP is on a pull-out 4U shelf because the SACD player it replaced was a top loader. DMP sits on a PowerBase as you can see.