Vintage PS Audio help (PS IIIa and LCC)

Hello All!!

I’m looking for a little bit of help and guidance from the vintage PS Audio folks. I have recently dusted off my PS IIIa and Linear Control Center and put it back in service now that I’ve managed to get a kid out of the house and was able to convert the room for audio use. Nothing extravagant – definitely a work in progress. So here’s where I need help …

  1. I absolutely love the PS IIIa phono preamp. Despite it’s age, it performs admirably and still holds-up to the current high-end preamps. As I stated, it is a bit long in the tooth and I’d love to refresh the preamp with newer/better caps and resistors, etc. Can anyone suggest a good place in the US that could perform such a service?

  2. Unfortunately, at the time, I did not purchase the optional wood cabinet/case that housed the PS IIIa and the Linear Control Center (LCC). Can anyone recommend a source for purchasing the little wood cabinet? (I kick myself for not getting it when I bought the units, but then again I was a newly married 19 year old and certainly not one that thought things through! facepalm-smiley-emoticon_gif )

  3. Any sources for a service manual in case I must find a local service shop for the refurb/upgrade?



Welcome, Richard!

I suggest calling PS Audio directly. They may well be able to help you out.

Those were nice products then and they still are now. There was never a wooden cabinet made for them. They did have an optional metal plate that held the two together, but sadly we don’t have them anymore.

I’ll bet there are service providers around that might help with the cap upgrades though the units we have in our museum still work perfectly and do not need their caps replaced.

Paul. Now that you mention the metal plate I do recall that the wooden case was actually a custom option created by my local audio dealer and not by PS Audio. I think that reaching out to a custom cabinet craftsman my be in order. As it relates to the the PS IIIa and LCC refurb – there’s really nothing wrong with the units, but I seem to recall a post where you suggested upgrading caps and resistors; however, I may just be chasing a problem that does not exist. After-all, how much better can can the IIIa and LCC really get!! :smiley:

BTW – I love the ‘Ask Paul’ segments and make it apart of my early morning ritual. I refer to it as ‘Coffee with Paul’. Through these wonderful e-mails and videos, I feel like I’ve gotten to know the man and the myth behind one of my most cherished pieces of audio equipment. Keep up the great work and I’ll see you in the mornings!!

Kindest regards,


Thanks for watching and reaching out, Richard!