Who has the oldest PS Audio gear here?

I like things that last and, in general, always appreciate something that has withstood the test of time.

Anybody have an old PS Audio bit of kit they are proud of? My own stuff is current.


Well….I had a PSA 200C amp from 1986….and a few years ago on a tour of PSA (I live in Boulder), I asked about a re-cap job……and they said, uh, we can’t source those caps/parts anymore. So, I traded it for a pair of Stellar 700s……then upgraded to 1200s….then on to my current BHK250. Now I’m a full kit PSA guy with a new DS Mk2 in beta.


I would guess @Paul has the oldest PS Audio gear.

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Probably, but that’s not really where I was hoping to go with this thread. More of a user’s perspective…and just for fun. Most users here seem to be cutting edge with their hifi, versus antique “don’t make ‘em like they used to” types.

I was trying to be funny. I thought it was a good guess tho. I used to have the PS Audio Ultimate outlet back in the late 90’s.


I still have a 4.5 preamp circa '85 that may have been upgraded to a 4.6. It was so long ago I don’t recall. It sounded great feeding my Adcom GFA-555 and MK S-1B/V-1B speakers. The only thing I don’t own any more is the Adcom. The MK’s are still in my home theater today.


I have a ton of current stuff but also an Elite Plus integrated. Dates from, I think, the early 80’s? Works absolutely perfectly and still sounds great!

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Although I sold it many moons ago, my first high end silver disc transport was the PS Audio Lambda. In fact, that was the first PSA product I owned period. When Paul and Co. boast they were at the leading edge of high-performance digital product offerings, they aren’t bluffing.

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I’m not in the running for the oldest product. My first was the P300 which I pre-ordered before it was released and still have, though I think it needs a power switch replacement, it’s not in use. But it started a “habit” . . . .

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I was also an early P300 purchaser (although not quite as early as Lonson; I was pre-Stereophile review though). It still works but is boxed up in the basement. Maybe I’ll use it for trade-in some day, but it would be tough to let go. It was a great piece of kit.


Should be The Poobah Grande, The Chief, The Big Kahuna, the guy who started all this. No?

Still use mine in one system. Still tucked behind a bookcase. Been running strong since the late 90’s. I actually had forgotten about it until I read your post.

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Impressive work life for this unit!

PSA headquarters has a nice PS Gear Museum….I think Terri manages it. It used to be in entry area in the old building. In the new/current building it’s on a wall of the upstairs sales/support area. A few years ago they were mildly interested in my old PSA 200C amp for the museum.


I’ve been there, but don’t recall it well. It’s funny, when I went to PSA, I was a very new customer and picking up a purchase. It’s a dope place! Met Paul, and the hole 9 yards pre-pandemic. He gave me a signed copy!