Where to buy parts for PS Audio DSD DAC?

Where to buy parts for PS Audio DSD DAC ?
Checked with PS Audio and they do not sell parts to consumers.
They said I need to find a service center that works on PS Audio components since they are no dealer network in the USA.
Looking for 4 rubber supporting rubber feet and the on/off push button blue switch located top left hand corner.
If anyone knows of any outfit I am kindly asking if you may be able to share this info.
Thank you.

I can’t square this statement. To my knowledge, “PSA audio service centers” went the way of the U.S. dealers.

I am also surprised you can’t get them to repair or replace parts that are common to current models they offer.

You might want to try PSA service again. I think you talked with someone who is less than informed.




If you don’t have any luck with trying PSA again try Parts Connexion in Toronto. They are and have been a PSA dealer and service center for a number of years and while the Mk I was a current model.


Maybe the OP is not un the USA. Other countries do exist! (in which case he/she needs to contact the country distributor)

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This would need to go through our distributor in Canada. Nexus is great to work with! https://nexusintl.ca/
We handle all repairs here in the states and Nexus handles all of them in Canada.


Thank you all.
Yes, I have just reached out to Nexus.
Thank you.