Vinyl: Used vs new

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The degritter includes a proprietary solution that you add to the water tank. 1-2 mils per tankful of water.

Yes grades of Mint -/M- or NearMint/NM is the way to go with Discogs in general. Depending on an item’s rarity and pricing VG+ can be a reasonable option, just don’t expect noise free playback. If consistency in quality and shipping are important then developing a relationship with a seller is worthwhile. Also a seller’s history (# of sales) and recent feedback are a good indication of their trustworthiness. In addition to a clean surface, look out for off center spindle holes and warped records. Ask the seller in advance if this is important to you. I typically have the LP removed from the outer jacket to prevent seam splits to the jacket caused by disk motion while in transit.

PopMarket on Discogs can be a good source for new vinyl, and they do offer a liberal return policy for defective LPs.

For those that are considering used records as an option, especially via Discogs, here is the record condition rating “bible” for serious collectors. Of course how a record is graded is somewhat subjective.

Record Grading 101: Understanding The Goldmine Grading Guide - Goldmine Magazine: Record Collector & Music Memorabilia

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Again, all depend on the quality of the master. For old LPs, I’d consider an old one as they were made from an almost new master and agreed by the musicians (test pressings, no remastering). Many Jazz masters from the 50s 60s no longer exist (ex. Atlantic vault fire and so on)

For young recordings, I’d got for new as today’s vinyl is of higher quality.

I’m not a big fan of Golmine : their price are far over the market price to let you think you owe “a goldmine”. I have also to check, but in my edition I think there is no grading between NM and VG+ while there is a hudge gap of quality between those two. Thay’s why many sellers (before internet, there were worldwilde auction with a list of thousands of records) has added the EX grading.

I’m a big fan a discogs but shipping costs me as much as the record (from Analog Production, it costs me much more, too bad, they have some interesting recordings).

The best way to get an idea of price is to compare those on Discogs. Then finding reliable sellers with conservative grading. I would go below NM- for most LPs except if a one I can’t find anywhere. In case of doubt, I ask the seller “why only EX”.

If only all sellers strictly adhered to this.