Vortexbox on USB Port


I have built a Vortexbox 2.2 and use it on the PWD MKII USB Port. The Vortexbox rip CD´s to a Harddisc in Flac File. Over USB i send the file to the PWD. To remote i use the Logitech Squeezecommander for android?

When start to playing a song or skip a title i hear 2 clicks from the PWD. I think he will check the samplerate. The Music on the harddisk is in 44,1kHz. So i don´t no why he do this. If i use the pwt with the dac i have no problems.

I have change the Firmware and ever i have the same problem.

Has anyone an idea?


Whenever the data stream starts the PWD has to mute the output until it is synched up to the data stream. Apparently VortexBox stops the data stream rather than sending silence when skipping tracks. I would expect the muting relays to activate when playback starts regardless.