Unable to use USB input on PWD MKII


So far I’ve been using the SPDIF input on my DAC. Before upgrading my PWD with the MKII -board the USB input seemed to work fine. Lately I wanted to connect a streaming device via de USB input and encountered problems.

As soon as I select the USB input my PWD starts clicking every second or so. It will only stop when another input is selected. Besides that. the DAC is not detected so I’m unable to connect my device that way. Tried a PC, but also no DAC is seen. The clicking also occurs without having anything connected anything. Any suggestions? I really would l

By the way, when logging in with my account settings, I’m logged in as a different person (IRON WOOD instead of Eric Kuijpers)

Thanks in advance in helping me out


Did you install the new USB driver on your PC?




Gordon,Thanks for posting the a link to the link.




is there any difference between the two downloads?


No, they link back to the same file. But there will be a new version in a few weeks that supports the NuWave Phono.


As a matter of fact I did not download a Windows driver. I’m streaming from a MPD server installed on a puppy Linux system. Before upgrading to the MKII version, i already tried such a system through the USB input and it worked without the need of installing any drivers. Besides that I do not recall any clicking when selecting the USB input on the front panel before the upgrade. Is this clicking known and expected behavior?


No the clicking is not a normal behaviour. It should click once at start, and when the sample rate changes. The mark I and Mark II drivers are different.


@erickuijpers make sure your puppy linux does support XMOS USB audio card (most modern linux distros does support it)


The USB input on my MKII has occasionally flipped out like this. It happens when the PWD is booting up and something happens to the connected computer or the cable. Rebooting the PWD and reseating the cable has corrected the problem in the past.



@peanut-butter good point. I have found out that to be sure all is working fine, one have to boot PWD 1st and only then boot the linux PC.

It’s possible to fiddle manually with kernel modules, but reboot of PC is just faster and painless in most situations :slight_smile:


Thanks guys,

Did the reboot and the clicking stopped. Tonight I will give the play through the USB input a try.