Vortexbox / Logitech Media Server Help

Hi everyone,

Just purchased a DS last week, connected it to my Vortexbox appliance running Logitech Media Server via USB, and absolutely loved it! Big improvement over my Calyx 24/96 and Ayre DACs. After reading reviews, I then purchased a Bridge II that arrived today, and so far I’m underwhelmed with the results. Here’s my summary:

  • Sound quality via Bridge II sounds thin compared to USB. Musicality seems to be lost.
  • 192/24 recordings don't play correctly (really at all). An audible noise comes out, but it's as if the song is being played at a fraction of its normal speed. It's unrecognizable.
  • Although the sample rate and bit rate display correctly, the metadata is always stuck on the first song, and album artwork does not display at all.
To get LMS to work with Bridge II, I installed the third party squeeze2upnp plug-in. I'm hoping that I'm missing something or there's a setting that I've missed, or I'll need to return the Bridge II and revert back to USB. Any thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi mtsars,

another LMS user here (with Daphile)! You should give Phillipe’s UPnP/DLNA-bridge plugin a try. Please have a look at the Bridge I vs. Logitech SBT thread, maybe beginning from here. And please don’t miss this post. I hope the dropbox link still does work.

Good luck!


Hi Holzohr,

Thank you! I’m actually using Philippe’s plug in and I’ve been reviewing the two threads you mentioned (and others!) in detail. Are you still recommending v vs. his current version? The USB just sounds so much better…I feel that something must be wrong with the settings or perhaps the Bridge II just isn’t for me.

Thanks again,


I am not up to date what is the current version. I have sold my Bridge II because the best way to use Daphile is via USB. I guess it is the same with the Vortexbox. Of course, I was comparing the Bridge II and USB. Sometimes I thought the Bridge sounds better a tad, sometimes I thought it sounds better via USB.

My newest toy I play with is this one. This cheap solution is really amazing. My old SBT serves as “Now playing” display for the piCorePlayer (or for Daphile’s Squeezelite). So, no need for the rather tiny cover display of the Bridge here.

If you are happy with USB, then stay with it.