Vuleta or Giro de Espana bicycle race

Just came across NBC’s presentation of the Giro de Espana
bicycle race…

But it is by subscription…no link I could post

Otherwise hope you can tune in via your cable provider.

I’ll check - curious if/when it is scheduled re COVID19? I am in the Netherlands… 14 August - 5 Sept 2021. Let’s see, during the 4th COVID wave…

It appears to be taking place real time now …


and :cloud_with_rain: :

The 2021 Vuelta is scheduled to commence August 14

Makes wonder then what am I watching on nbc olympic channel…hmmm :woozy_face:

There’s the national road championships happening somewhere in Australia now and I do recall hearing a mention of an event somewhere in Spain around this time of the year but can’t find any info about it. I thought it would be Vuelta a Andalucia but that won’t happen until May. Giro de Espana won’t be until August. The UCI calendar of events has nothing in Spain until Feb 14.

Well, whatever it is, hope you are having fun watching it. Maybe they are filming my climbing practise at the Dandenong Ranges :slight_smile:

Edit: Vuelta a Anadalucia was supposed to be in Feb 17-21, 2021 but has been postponed too May for obvious reasons.


Thanks for the insight.