Tour de France: anyone keeping up?

Chasing a yellow jersey? sure am on my barca lounger super light
with swivel easy to reach snack bowl …

Amazing the rider and equipment preparation… the team strategies
breakaways and sadly the crashes with injuries.

Last year iirc Trek cycling gave the nbcsn host a tour of their
support van…filled with many bicycles for various stages and tasks.

The least expensive was in the 20k range most in the 50k range and
some in the 500k range…yikes…amazing to see this

Happy viewing

oh yeah since 2003 :grinning:

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Stage 12 longest stage of the 2020 tour…starts at 6am est tomorrow…

Thanks for the Stage 12 heads up, I missed stages 10 & 11 and no longer know who is in yellow. Rain forecast here tomorrow. I will be watching with coffee and blueberry crisp pudding.

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I’ve watched religiously all the coverage they deign to provide us in the US, every year since the days of Greg Lemond and the boys from 7-Eleven. (I got to see Lemond race in person at one of the two Coors Classics my brother and I went to. Lemond was there to support Bernard Hinault the year Hinault “supported” him for his second TdF win. The pic below is one I took of Lemond during the Estes Park circuit race that year.)

Stage 10, along the coastal flatlands was tragic with all the crashes. That’s the latest I’ve seen - we can’t watch live, so we usually see recorded coverage a day late. We’ll be watching Stage 11 tonight.

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Absolutely! Watching it every day (recording it so I can skip the commercials). Been watching TdF every year since the early '80s

Used to race (nowhere near the Pro level)

All I ever did was what they used to call “Citizen’s Class.” Unlicensed free-for-all criteriums. I was awful. Best finish was third. More often than not I’d get pulled by an official for getting lapped. I’m convinced we had more than a few riders who should’ve been Cat 4. :wink:

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Years ago (MANY years ago) I raced at amateur level. Where I got a taste of some of the cutthroat tactics guys who took it way too seriously would engage in (think a pump in the spokes). That was it for my ‘career’. As for the Tour, I tuned out permanently after Lance Armstrong disgraced the Yellow Jersey. May be harsh to swear off the entire sport for that reason … but I’ve never gotten past that.

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Certainly understandable…a pump in the spokes …very ugly and cowardly…and painful to you…

Lance really disgraced the US and the Yellow Jersey…

Still the competition is great to watch…more often than not
when a rider side swipes another nearing the finish line…
it seems the friendship is not lost in the face of the competion
to winning …saw that played out today and yesterday

Have a great afternoon…good to ear from you!

I’m not finding any English-language coverage on BBC. What I’ve found is foreign, it may be Welsh, not sure, and on Radio 5 (could be in English but I’d rather watch).

Am I simply over looking the link on BBC iPlayer?

or any other link in any country with English coverage would be appreciated.

Brett as I don’t have a BBC iplayer…
I can only suggest try looking on you tube…there may be a service
that provides the feed…

Here it is NBC Sports Network…

Hopefully someone with a good lead for you will chime in with
good ideas and provide you a solution…

I didn’t even think to try NBC Sport as I figured it required their Gold license. Thanks.

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Thinking about it you need a cable provider …
You could try You Tube tv…is what I use and then souce the
Tour via You tube tv…

You Tube tv does have 30 day trial

Hope this works for you

NBC requires Gold license. There simply isn’t enough I care about to pay the money.

The recaps on YouTube are good enough for me. I too lost my faith after the Lance betrayal. I remember saying to my wife back during his wins hoping that we didn’t find out he was doping years later…

I do enjoy the competition though. I was never ranked but held my own back in the day climbing little hills around here like Palomar Mountain including the 30 mile lead up ride :wink:

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Try You Tube tv 30 day free trial and you are in for the Tour
NBC Sports is included

The 1985 & 1986 Tours were unique. Lemomd never really got Hinault’s support in '86 even after waiting 10 minutes on the side of road for him in the '85 Tour. Hinault wanted a 6th win in '86. According to the American riders it was the French vs the Americas all the way to Paris in '86. Even 7 Eleven helperd Lemond when they could in the 1986 Tour.

watching stage 12 now…Mark Hershey(sp?) 23 sec ahead
descent at 46 mph of peloton… 20ks still left.

Spoiler alert!

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Well…I know who won stage 12 and by how much :grinning:…but you tell me