Wall Romex to ultra-high-end cord - such bottleneck?

I genuinely consider it greatly overlooked how important the materials and geometric construction of dedicated lines and in/on-wall power cabling in general could be.
Have a top-of-the-line silver power cord? Preceded by “just sufficient gauge Romex”, a possible bottleneck and oversight in cost allocation, methinks… In the end it’s the same power cable all the way through with a socket in between… Right?

I understand that even a basic, full silver dedicated line is generally out of reach as certified installation cable, it could be DIY though or even a length of commercial cord as long as the local bureau concerned with electrical safety gives its stamp of approval for use as dedicated line.
I asked in my country and it’s definitely possible to get a DIY silver cable approved for wall installation if it passes the required surge tests and certain other standards.
I see this as potentially financially viable, as making some profit on selling fanciful silver cable in safety-approved “bulk installation” form to audiophiles doesn’t seem that difficult to imagine!
(What’s new here? It wouldn’t be some “somewhat recycled” scrap copper as in basic Romex. Not hating on Romex but it’s not exactly up to standards of an audiophile who’s conscious of conductor material purity and choice of dielectrics, etc. It’s fine all right but… you know. How about OCC silver for a refreshing change? Especially for those with OCC silver power cords in use already)