Wartime Leadership

I don’t know how many in these forums have watched the movie “The King’s Speech” with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. King George VI’s wartime speeches lifted British spirits during WWII.

In a similar vein, I find my spirits lifted by Paul’s videos from his backyard during our own war with an invisible viral enemy. His calm delivery, safety exhortations and discussion of topics that can easily command audiophile attention are great antidotes for what currently ails us.

I lived in South Ogden, Utah while working there for two years and had a home mountainside with a beautiful yard not unlike Paul’s, although on a much lesser scale.

Seeing Paul speak from his yard in his typical reassuring way brought tears to my eyes as I remembered how revitalized I felt during walks in my own yard.

I’m so grateful that Paul’s videos continue during these hard times and provide much needed respite and inspiration from a backdrop that can’t help but remind us of the beauty that’s all around us.

I didn’t carry electronics during my walks, but the sounds of Mozart in my head never failed to sooth me in Utah. Walks in my Palm Springs home are in a much different setting. In my head is the music of Mahler, not Mozart. Inspiring, but not soothing.

Perhaps that is why Paul’s current videos fill such a void for me and provide much welcome relief. They help to remind me that nature rebounds every year and that we too will rebound from our current crisis. I can’t think of a better wartime leader and a better setting to deliver that message from on a daily basis.

You could say that Paul is the modern version of George VI and you would not be far from the truth. At least I think of him that way. He puts the music of Mozart back in my head.


…without the unfortunate stammer and stutter.

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King Paul 99th

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I am humbled by your comments. Thanks for the kind words and for the support. Sticking together and helping each other through these tough times is what’ll get us to the other side.

Be safe and thank you.


I discovered Paul and PSA during the war, and will soon be a customer . . .a few more vids to go!

As that great Canadian philosopher Red Green once said, “keep your stick on the ice, I’m pulling for you, we’re all in this together.” :blush:

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