RMAF video

Would you like to take a journey to RMAF 2017 with me? I put together a short 16 minute video of the show where we meet the designers, see the equipment, and experience the show as best can be done through the camera lens.


I’m just staggered how you find the time to run a company, design new stuff, attend audio shows, write Paul’s Posts every day for years without skipping an issue, participate in the forums, respond to customer emails, make videos, and all the rest of it.

Thanks. You forgot in the middle of two novels…4_gif

I learned long ago that we’re as limited as we believe we are. We’re the only stumbling blocks to time in our path. I have made a pact with myself that every year I will take on more, not less.

I had fun putting that video together. Thanks for watching.

I follow a similar approach. Perhaps the motto Never Stagnant applies. :slight_smile:

I also realized life is nothing but experiences. Relish them all, good and bad.

Nice video.

It is a nice video and the PS Audio room appearance was elegant, uncluttered, and understated. Nicely done. And thank you, Paul, for not loading your products with a bunch of blinding blue LEDs. Some of the other vendors’ stuff in that video looked like it was better suited for cruising downtown on a Friday night than playing music.

Thanks! I’ll let Terri know. She was responsible for the room.

Nice video Paul! Wish you had spent a little more time with Richard Vandersteen, but then I’m a little biased … One possible correction, you stopped by the “Zoo Audio” room/display, I believe it is actually “Zu Audio”.

Thanks. Yes, I screwed up with Zu. Richard looked pretty chill at that moment and getting him off his ass to walk me around the room didn’t look like something he wanted to do at the moment.65_gif