A note of thanks to Paul . .

I just thought I’d say a brief “thank you” to Paul (in particular, and the team that supports him) for the daily videos and posts. I don’t get to see all the videos, but I appreciate the humanity and the humor that consistently comes through.



Hear Hear…hip hip hooray :grinning:

Yeah, for a CEO, Paul always goes above and beyond.

Yes the videos are well done

What a brilliant thread, and I’d like to echo all sentiments, the video’s are always very well received and further my understanding of this wonderful hobby scatch that… obsession :innocent:

Thank you, Paul, and all at PSAudio for keeping things alive, especially throughout this years events!

Thanks, guys. Much appreciated. I am honored people watch them and get something out of them. They’re fun to make and now, as we bring our speaker designer Chris Brunhaver into the mix, we can expand the knowledge base even further. Exciting. You know me. Can’t sit still and need to keep pushing forward. Thanks for all the kind words and support.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the videos! Is there a chance we might see other people that are part of PS Audio doing videos? Darren Myers, Ted Smith, Bacomb? etc…

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Hey Paul, glad to hear from you. I was becoming concerned about your health after three days in a row of videos from Chris. :wink:

There’s a whole series of Ted and Bascom on our YouTube channel already. Darren’s a bit camera shy but a fascinating guy to talk with and I’ll keep encouraging him to step up to the plate.

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