Watching Space X pre launch

Hmmm…that loss of video feed at the critical moment of recovery was kind of hinky. :slight_smile:

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Second stage separation nominal. Have a great flight guys! Can’t ask for a prettier launch.

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Dragon on it’s way to SS

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This is freakishly emotional for me. Wow. :metal:t2:


It is a much needed accomplishment !!!

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Still waitng to see if you got the dwell accurately set…so far seems good…

Thank goodness we didn’t need another tragedy. Lon is glad Elon had his day.


Very cool to watch it with my 14yr old… remember when I was his age watching the shuttle launches.


We as a nation have been blessed with the succesful launch…
need to continue in prayer for them

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For me this was the most fun since I watched the moon landing live with the rest of the world. I’d have been around 13.

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You talking about Paul’s son, Lon? Or Lonson? :thinking:

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Tongue twister …you say…

Lon, Elon, Orlon, Ban-Lon, Lon-san

You must be full of Ba Lon Eeee

U No It, bruh :metal:t2:

But - gotta ask - are you old enough to know what Ban-Lon is? Or maybe a Seinfeld fan?

Now why in the world would you want to Ban Lon for and what did he do…
He’s a good character round these here places

Ouchie. And I thought I was the worst punster around here!

Anyhow - how’s it going in Space?

Last I saw, the spacecraft had performed 2 succesful burns…waiting for newer updates…
went out to do eeerans…eran here, eran there

another burn coming up then shut eye for crew

Either one. I go by Lon.* I had no knowledge of a son of Paul’s with that name.

*Lonson is my given name, a name meaning “Son of Lon”–Lon meaning strong or fierce–that has been in my family from uncle to nephew for many generations, usually with the middle name Earl. When my fourth grade teacher cluelessly called me “Alonzo” the entire year I realized it might be easier to be “Lon”