Way to use Sprout's USB & Optical inputs?

I love my Sprout. But, there is one thing that detracts it from being perfect. That is the fact that a live USB connection automatically defeats the Optical input. I can only use the Optical inputs when there’s nothing plugged into USB.
Anyone come up with a way to easily switch between these 2 inputs on the Sprout? I honestly don’t know why Scott couldn’t have chosen a selector switch with one more position :wink:

I have the same question. Is there a hub or switcher someone would recommend so that both inputs (USB and digital coax) can be used? I have my Mac Mini connected via USB for listening to music and my Samsung TV connected via digital coax. I have to manually unplug the USB when I want to output my TV audio to the speakers. Let me know if anyone has recommendations. Thank you!

Yeah, I finally had to sell my Sprout.
I replaced it with a Marantz HD-Amp1. The Marantz doesn’t suffer from this issue and actually sounds a little better than the Sprout.

Sadly I’m not aware of a great work around here. I tried looking up some switching boxes that had both optical and USB but couldn’t hand anything like this.

Thanks, James. I have potential work around: I’ve hooked it up to a powered usb so at least now i don’t have to remove the usb plug. Thanks for confirming though.

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