Unusable choppy/clicky sound using Sprout 100 optical input

I am a new Sprout owner. Mostly, I love it.

However, when using the optical out of my Samsung One Connect box to the Sprout’s optical in, I am experiencing continual choppy audio.

Every second or so it clicks/interrupts the sound with a momentary dropout. Any sustained sound is immediately noticeably interrupted. I’m not sure how to attach audio but if someone shows me how i could attach an audio example.

Any clues as to what might be happening/things to try? It’s really disappointing to not be able to run the audio from my TV through the media system. Thanks for any help!

Welcome! This can happen if the Sprout is not receiving a good connection. I would try a different cable if you’re able to. Also, make sure you have the TV’s audio out set to stereo PCM. The Sprout isn’t able to decode a multi-channel signal.

Thank you! The TV is set to stereo PCM.

I will order a different cable to try and fix or rule that out. This is the one I am using:

Any recommended optical cables?

This cable should be fine. I would get something inexpensive for these testing purposes. Sometimes where the cable plugs in can be a little loose, and the light signal is a bit dodgy. Double check that you’re able to get a solid connection on both ends.

Cool, thanks. I’ll report back in a few days or so.

Perfect, keep us posted.

OK, happy to report an update here.

Samsung technical support ran a sound test, which worked flawlessly.

In fact, I narrowed it down further.

When running sound from apps on the TV itself, the audio sounds wonderful via the Sprout’s optical input. Never any problems.

The issue only surfaces when using the Xfinity Xi6 cable box.

For whatever reason, when I switch to that HDMI input on the Samsung, the sound coming out of the Samsung optical port into the Sprout optical port is immediately suspect and interrupted as described above.

So the issue is clearly NOT the Sprout, but something about the signal Xfinity is passing through. I’d welcome any suggestions if people have had similar issues, but would otherwise consider this thread resolved in that the Sprout is a-ok. It just doesn’t seem happy with whatever Xfinity passes through Samsung to it.

Thanks for the update! This is EXTREMELY helpful info. Glad the Sprout100 is working properly at least. Sorry you’re having to deal with this though. Short of getting a separate DAC or processor for the TV, I don’t think there are any other great options.

Not sure if this will help but I’ve see similar issues when a cable had a poor connection to the input so just make sure the HDMI is seated properly on both ends. you could try another HDMI cable, as well as swapping HDMI inputs on the tv to rule out other possible problems in the signal chain. Last thing that could cause issues is the xfinity box itself. Best of luck, hope these suggestions help.

potentially dumb question, but why would another, separate DAC work, if this one doesn’t? seems like it’s something about that signal?

Well, I guess I meant more of a HT receiver/prepro and less a different DAC. This way you’d be able to take advantage of the HDMI out of the Comcast box direct instead of piping the signal through the TV. You could still take advantage of the Sprout’s amp, but you’d have to play around with the volume leveling a bit considering the two volume controls.