Sprout100 : how many digital sources?

I have a Sprout100 on order, but had a question about the digital inputs…

In the manual, it says:

Sprout100 can connect to three digital devices, two
from the rear panel connections and one wirelessly via
Bluetooth from your phone, computer or tablet.

But later, it says:

NOTE If you have a USB cable connected to the USB input
this will disable the TOSLINK input.

So, if I have a CD transport connected via TOSLINK and my Mac Mini (running Roon) connected via USB, does that mean the USB input has to be physically disconnected to run the CD transport?

well, reading further…

“You can connect both the TOSLINK and USB inputs simultaneously, but USB will always override TOSLINK. To allow the TOSLINK input to function turn off the computer or disconnect the USB cable. Make sure that you have the Digital input selected.”

So, question…

instead of disconnecting USB or turning off computer, has anyone tried connecting two TOSLINK sources using one of these?

I use Toslink switches with my Direct Stream Senior and NuWave DSD DACs. They generally work fine. Might be in issue if you were trying to pass anything above 96/24 (I can’t get that to work even without a switch but others have on occasion).

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thanks, stevem2…

do you use a switch like the one in the pic, or a different one?

I will be honest… at this point I’m ONLY going to be using the Mac Mini running Roon (along with vinyl and an analog tuner for grins), so I don’t NEED both digital inputs, yet. (Frankly, trying to decide whether I really even need a CD player/transport. I rip CD’s into my library as FLAC files, so not much need to play the actual CD after that. Just keep 'em for archival purposes.)

I use this one but I don’t the model makes a lot of difference:


I gave up on playing physical discs a long time ago. They just take up space in my basement.