We also love cars

So why not?

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2002 7500 miles. Love the Z06

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Man,the good old days of summer sunshine and open suburban neighborhood streets…Best car I ever drove!!!



I wish I still had my son’s little plastic one. He had so much fun on that little thing flying down the driveway and putting it into a slide to stop just before the garage door. Gave us heart attacks. He called it his “Lamborghini Kooooontach”

I always loved that coupe body. And the torque just feels so good.

Longest I’ve owned any car: 35 years, first 10 included much track time. Still solid as a bank vault.


My 1983 911SC. But I’ve only had it for 14 years.


Looks mint! I have a friend who has an 83 with just under 300,000 miles. Trans rebuilt but the engine has never been opened.

Sweet color!

I cheated. The photo is from shortly after I bought it. It hasn’t changed much but is currently in need of a wash and wax. I’ve got about 100k miles on it. Recently had a stubborn oil leak and had to drop the engine and reseal everything to fix it. Also rebuilt the clutch and replaced the flywheel at the same time. (Could have lived with the oil leak but had to drop the engine to do the clutch so did it all at once.) Otherwise it’s mostly been small stuff. Runs great but I don’t get to drive it enough. May need to start thinking about selling it to fund future audio purchases (getting close to retirement).

Thanks. Official name is light bronze metallic. When I registered it I said it was gold because “light bronze metallic” wouldn’t have fit.

Plastic!!! :smirk: In the 60’s that would have been laughed off the street by all the other kids… after they beat you up…:worried:

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And a couple of other cars. I have waaaay too many hobbies.


Been driving the wheels off this thing. Better part of 300 hp in a car the size of a shoe. So nice after a stressful day.



I had a 2000 Boxster S… an amazing fun car. Last of the light Porches (at least compared to the newer ones). I onwed that car from new through 13 years and 197K miles.

Mine blew two engines!! Yes, you read that correctly, two. The first blew at 47K… sounded like a can of metal parts and marbles. Failure reason was unknown… back then, they crated up the engine, bottled a jar of oil, and off to Germany it went. Replaced under warranty. The second blew at 197K miles (150K on the engine)… just seized up…indy said it skipped time… killed the car… the economics were way upside down. Failure reasons was unknown but it definitely was not the IMS as the next owner pulled it to see.

Now I drive a 2009 C2S and put on 125K miles… solid as it has the new DFI engine. Not a fun car… too big and heavy. Boxster was better.

Lotsa Porsche owners here… I wonder what the percentage of Porsche ownership there is to PS Audio products… or even German car ownership… something about appreciation for engineering and performance?

Bruce in Philly
Boxster with about 150K miles buffed with Maguires Ultimate and then Zaino


Wow so many porsche owners here.

So here’s my question. I bought this sweet 2010 targa 4S fully loaded a few years ago with only 11k miles on it. It took my 6 months to find the right Targa roof with the right accessories. Living in NYC where even owning 1 car is a super luxury, I needed something that could transport things. After test driving a few 911’s I loved them but just wished the back window popped up- and after searching it appeared that one model had that - the Targa (this was before the latest generation Targa)

I’ve gotten a 49" TV in the box inside the rear, air conditioners, gear for film shoots. It’s actually a somewhat practical small car.

I was planning on getting a manual transmission but after after trying a PDK and realizing how bad traffic has become in NYC the last 10 years (driving a stick shift all that Time) I decided to go with the PDK.

My question is now with 30k miles on it (I tend to drive 5-6k per year) do I sell it while it’s still worth good money, or try and keep it going through possibly expensive maintenance? The car will still be cool another 10 or 20 years from now but just not sure how much money it will take to keep it on the road


That’s an essentially unanswerable question. Emotionally, if you love it, as I do my '83, then the cost is worth it.
Are you willing to pay thousands for cables for your stereo?


You have a 997 series isn’t 2011 when they went to the 991 series? For me personally the 991 body is more like a baby Panamera. It’s just so big. I usually drive my truck on a daily basis and the first time I parked up at the grocery store in my 911 I laughed at how much room was left in the parking spot compared to the truck.

The car I miss is a '64 Alfa Romeo 1600 Spyder Veloce. Loved that car. Spoiled me for other cars and when I sold it I was a motorcycle only guy for a long time (possible to do in central Texas) . . . nearly 30 years. In between there I did have one car when I was playing in bands: a '66 Chevy Bel Air wagon with three on the tree and a straight six. A great car for a drummer who got talked into hauling every one else around. Now that I am back in Ohio I need a car. . . and my budget is light. … I bought a '15 NIssan Juke NISMO and confess I really like it.

I’m with RonP. Of course, our '83 911’s are going up in value. I’ve only had one really big repair bill in 14 years and that one, by itself, is likely less than the increase in value over that period. My biggest problem is that I don’t drive it enough (I live in NYC and take the subway or walk most of the time) and these cars really want to be driven. I also hate driving in stop and go traffic, which is the norm in or near the city. But I’d really miss it if I sold it.