Quality Control

A bit off topic, but saw mention above of quality control and it occurred to me that things made in Germany and Switzerland almost never go wrong. I was wondering why and then found this video of some Germans assembling my camera. Does this bear any resemblance to the PS Audio assembly line?

I noticed that there’s not a lot of coffee drinking going on and I do wonder if they spend all day listening to Nils Frahm, or just sit there in stony silence.

Clearly influenced by Kubrick. A bit scary really.

You clearly have never owned a BMW car or motorcycle, or Porsche. :slight_smile:

Neat video.


I feel bad after watching this and need to look at something chaotic to recover again.


I noticed at 1:20 that there are two big chips in the thing, one labelled Maestro II, which is their image processor, and an Artix-7, which is the same FPGA chip that you find in the Chord Mojo. So where’s the headphone socket?

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…or a Volvo.


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Behind the red dot :red_circle: with Leica logo.

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Here’s another nice one from dCS, the people who invented - well - everything, so it seems (see 4:55). The technical presentation is done by someone without Paul’s presentation skills, followed by a completely hilarious bloke with mobile eyebrows.

4 or 5 days of testing boards before building anything, it doesn’t go out until signed off by everyone down to the tea lady.

This is where I last worked and retired from after 26 years. I was an electronic maints tech repairing, modifying a lot of the machines featured in the video. I worked mostly in forge taking care of the induction system, the power supply for the induction are kind of like a rather large re-generator capable of over 1200 amps at over 1000 VAC to heat the billets and the forge presses ranged from 800 to 2500 tons of force to stamp out the parts, and are control by PLCs.


Or, you’ve never seen Germans trying to build a functioning airport.

The nearby Schönefeld Airport is pretty non-functional as well. Everything about it is wrong. It probably worked better when it was part of East Berlin.

Is this chaotic enough for you?

… and at 5:10 we have a Frenchman checking that “ve du not ave a shourt cirqweet”. Men in white coats again, always a good sign …

Thanks that works and I’m better bow…looks like BHK‘s test bench…

I cannot imagine subjecting anyone to working in that Leica environment. I understand completely why it is the way it is, but what a horrible job. Super-repetitive job functions in the harshest light, day in and day out. Yuck.

I guarantee the lighting is optimal.

As it happens, the staff are literally a family. There are many related people and people whose parents worked there in the staff.

I agree the lighting is optimal. It is also soul crushing. When I ran my company I had a rule against any lighting similar to that. In fact many people worked in rooms many would consider dark. But we were all staring at computer monitors all day…

Worst airport I’ve ever been to. There are a number of contenders for second.

My Mercedes and BMW cars could never pass the mechanic’s shop without stopping for service.

Ever owned a German luxury car? Me neither but I’ve spent a ton of time around them and their endless problems. I’m also into German model trains and let me tell you, they can’t even get small toys right.

And I’m pretty sure I’d rather live in the woods and sustain myself off roots, bark and, rain water than work in that factory lol. What a soul sucking place…

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