We also love cars




Chevelles are the best. My dad was partial to Novas but my neighbor had a 70 Chevelle SS with cowl induction and the big block. I loved that car.

Dad drag raced a Galaxie I think for awhile with a friend when he was younger. He replaced the high beams with aircraft landing lights. He did not suffer fools who ran with brights on at all times gladly.


Sure, when it is easy like this. It is simple when the car must be practical, but it is not.

That is as easy as deciding if I want to spend money to attend - or even watch a sporting event on TV. Even if free, never. Simple. :slight_smile:

It gets much harder.

As in my original example, choosing a DS Jr. v. a DS Sr. They are both excellent, one can afford both, you can hear the difference, but you do not want to waste money.

How do you decide which to get? How do you determine if the increased cost is worth the money?

Edit: I have absolutely no idea what you mean by “Abstract internet quotes.”


I don’t know, I guess decisions for me are very easy. There was nothing hard about my DS DAC decision… some take hundreds of hours waxing poetic… Some take forever asking everybody what they think. I am very cut and dry. I have a set of criteria for every decision I make. I guess it is like a decision matrix. Not an empathetic person, more logic and reason based.

Abstract idea is in reference to quoting stats… the idea (abstract) is always more apealing than the practicality (concrete)…


Love this car! Love the old school rims and paint and a 66 is a favorite. Great car! Man that sets up really nice… great stance… love it…


Love the color. Paint looks ‘liquid’ in your pic. I used to cruise the loop in Renton, Wa in the mid 70’s in my '68 Firebird 400 with my buddies who had Nova’s, Chevelle’s, Camaro’s, and a lone big block '65 Corvette.
Thanks for the pic of a beautiful example and the great memories! Love the wheels too. Look like a larger diameter version of the venerable Cragars. Oh, and tunes all replayed on a factory 8 track. It’s best quality is that you could listen to two and sometimes three songs at one time. A little problem with head alignment.


I do not find such decisions difficult either. But neither of us is articulating how we make them. We are just stating that we do. :slight_smile:


I just explained the how. There is a set of criteria I have for every decision I make. That is an easy concept. Oh, the conflict. My criteria may be different than yours… :wink: Take music, different set of criteria for sitting down and listening. Not a classical guy… took 2 sec… :flushed:


You answered abstractly. :slight_smile:

So, if deciding between a DS Jr. and a DS Sr. what are the specific criteria?

And how do you determine which criteria to apply to a given decision?


Easy, I want the best sounding solution for a specific budget. The decision weighting… oh… a thinker you are… I would apply SQ is king if it was close; need to pick a harder example… :weary: We do this all day long in engineering design… they are called trade space analysis. Every engineer has done tons of these… we start to do them in our head… this and benefit risk analysis


I have a better sense of how you are approaching this. I can easily relate.

Thanks for taking the questions seriously.


That’s funny. I sold my '67 big block Chevelle that I owned for 30 years so I could by my '16 Z06.
I also loved the Chevelle but couldn’t justify having both.




Likely a good call.

I have read a number of articles predicting the price of 1960’s muscle cars are at their peak. The collectors and enthusiasts are aging out and are not being replaced by younger buyers in sufficient numbers to sustain the prices.


You are correct. It had lost some value in the couple of years prior to selling it. One of the main reasons for selling it was that it had no air conditioning. My wife and I used to go for a ride every memorial day and labor day along with other summer days when we could. The last time we got it out and headed out for a ride it was just too dang hot to enjoy the ride. We turned around and went back home to get a car that did have AC.

In a related story we have a basement full of my in-laws stuff that they collected for their adult lives. Everyone interested it it all lost interest or died about the same time so it all became worthless.


I had a marina blue '66, 396/360 that my father bought new. It was incredible fun.


I neglected to ask, what was the specific “Abstract internet quotes" to which you referred in yesterday’s conversation? Who quoted what stats?


I followed up with “stat” assuming you would put the two together… your reference to the ZR1 speed… internet (assumed); I don’t believe you possess a photographic memory as my son had… :slight_smile:

That kid was just scary as hell… he would remind me of exactly what I said, where I said it, and when I said it at 4 years old… being corrected by a 4 year old as a matter of factually… is just so wrong… and he was right every time…

Yeah, I thought about how socially awkward a photographic memory would be and white lies… difficult having a conversation trying to BS a person w/ photographic memory. They would have to let a lot of stuff go cause humans are not machines and stories change over time… that has to suck having that capability… :slight_smile: There are things I definitely would like to forget in my past…


Ah. I rented the fact but needed to look up the lap times. They are fascinating as the one car that beat it did so with over a second margin, an eternity in a single lap. I did not want to represent it incorrectly.


Yes, that was the stat used to express a rational for buying a car that is close to twice as much as the base car (Z06) discussed. How much is 2nd place vs. 10th place worth. That would be one criteria and the weighting for me would be very low as I have expressed (abstractly). :slight_smile: