We also love cars


Yeah, well consumer distorts also says that high end audio is smoke and mirrors and that a Sony boombox sounds good enough for anyone’s needs. So…


Didn’t seem to harm mine. Seven kids, baby!!!


Yikes!!! Do the math at grandkids time!!
The only van I would have would be the Ford in Travels With Charlie.


Ferrari’s 599 (one of the last Ferrari’s available with a manual transmission, all new Ferraris are now automatics) had a neat clutchless rev matching system. It heel and toes for you merely by shifting into the next gear.

New Corvettes with manual transmission also features rev matching, but you need to use the clutch. The RPM matching is flawless and makes you sound brilliant as a driver.


I’m good with 10th place at $50K less. Abstract thought is not concrete usage…


I’m still pushing to airbrush a wizard on the side of mine.

And it’s better than the “minivan” our unit used in Iraq. That thing was well used. I’m frankly surprised that it ran at all.


This reminds me of first seeing cupholders with squares in them to hold juice boxes. Being childfree I had never seen such a thing.

I also never use cupholders in any car and had not appreciated how important they are to many.


As Nietzsche says in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, “the ubermensch never drives a minivan, listens to Wagner on a car stereo, or engages in family activities with his wife and children. These activities enervate the vital essence and crush the will to power.”


My daughters Nissan Cube has one ON the dash between the instrument panel and the driver side vent.


Diminishing returns, like everything else. Is a DSJ enough, or should one spend the extra money for a DS Sr.? Its a small difference in objective terms and a good deal more money.

So, how does one decide if it is worth it? How does on make the yuck/buck calculation?



AND she was pregnant in that photo.

Not the minivan, but one vehicle I wish I could have driven.

Funny story. In spin-up training at Fort Hood, we were taught by some army guys to drive Humvees. My instructor happened to be a weekend dirt track guy. I was the last in the truck for our final test, and after sitting through two exceedingly careful rides by my classmates, I got the wheel. If you’ve never taken a Humvee airborne, I highly recommend it.

One of the highest compliments I’ve ever been paid was by that Army Sergeant to me, an Air Force Major. From his airborne “wooohooo” to the hotwash that consisted of, and this is a direct quote: “Gentlemen, you just seen the difference between Drivin’ Miss Daisy, and HAULIN’ ASS.”

It was a good day.


reminds me of the last line in Casablanca


One of the first Japanese imports had a problem (I think it may have caused a lawsuit) where the seat belt latch would fail in a crash. The root cause ended up being food ( a french fry or similar) dropped into the latch caused the failure. The Japanese engineers could not understand how someone would want eat food in their car in the first place so they never thought of the failure mode. That was before cup holders moved into the sales brochures. I remember a dash mounted cup holder that was mounted in a device that kept the cup level in any situation so your coffee didn’t spill on the dash.


For as long as I can remember back until the last ten years or so, VWs had the most useless cup holders. I always supposed they thought that having a drink in the car somehow interfered with true Fahrvernügen.

And my van has some of the WORST cup management ever, as the stains on the seats and floors will attest to.


I have a Porsche with beautifully engineered cupholders with articulating trim closures and they are the worst I’ve ever used. If the cup is more than half full, regardless of the design of the lid, coffee is going everywhere, which I take as a message from Porsche to us Amerkins, drink ya coffee, then drive.


A Porsche 911 is basically my dream car.

The Colonel that was my ROTC Detachment Commander had one. Yellow. Early 70s. Purchased with his back pay after seven years as a POW in Vietnam when he returned. He loved that car. He sure as hell earned it.


This reminds me of when I went with my brother when he purchased an M3 roughly 20 -25 years ago. The salesman was Polish: “I do not understand you Americans and cup holders. In Europe if we want a drink we stop the car and have one.”


A 911 is a great choice for a toy car, lots of personality. Fundamentally flawed design, beautifully executed.


My kids all want Teslas. I fear the era of the internal combustion engine will conclude in my lifetime.

“Red Barchetta” won’t seem as far fetched as it did to us in another 20 years.

Not to mention that electrification of the vehicle fleet could be the death knell that finally ends the motorcycle as practical for anything but local commuting.


Easy, we do it every day… I did, a 2 second decision. We stay in our prospective swim lane. Abstract internet quotes versus practical usage. I live within my means. If I thought I could afford a ZR1 and use it with any practicality, I would own it. I can afford it; however, not practical. It took 2 seconds; We do that every day; just different swim lanes.


Went from a nicely modified C5 Z06 to this 66 Chevelle…I think I am gonna keep this one for a little while…so many plans haha…