We also love hi-end watches

That NATO strap looks perfect.


I like it with the strap better than the bracelet!

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I’m not gonna lie. Every time I’ve glanced at my wrist today, I’ve had to suppress a tiny giggle. And I had a long meeting today, which meant a lot of suppressed feelings.


Congratulations! I am super happy for you.

100% agree. I don’t think a bracelet would do it justice.

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Thanks. I genuinely appreciate the encouragement.

When I spend a substantial sum of money, I usually go through some moment of buyer’s remorse the day after, but on this? Not yet. It’s such a basic watch…it’s EXACTLY what my style is.

When I first mentioned the possibility to my bride, she’s like “Are the audio guys giving you peer pressure for this?” I responded with, “Honey, every time I say I think I need an upgrade, they talk me down. No.”

The smoothness of the second hand…it’s mesmerizing. LOL


Thanks so much for the article. Very enjoyable reading. In 2011 I agonized over the two models finally settling on the Planet Ocean. Later finding out the Quantum of Solace connection from my then 17 year-old daughter.


Double, triple fantastic!

That is a beautiful watch.

I’m legitimately struggling with whether I wait for a Rolex or buy a Speedmaster from the BX. For the money, the Speedmaster is far more compelling.

But it ain’t an Air King if you know what I mean.

They have the larger Planet Oceans too. If they had the smaller, I’d probably be done for.

(Note: if you’re a Veteran you can shop the Exchange now online and save on sales tax. They only have Omega at present, and they are an AD. They also sell appliances through Home Depot at a discount and, again, no tax)

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I wore a GMT from 1992-2001, moving on to a Submariner. Unfortunately, on a business trip to Marseilles in 2010 I was mugged by two thugs in the middle of the day who absconded with the Sub. Maybe it was the fear of bad juju, I decided after a year that maybe I would have better luck with another brand, hence the Omega. I have to admit that the Seamaster is far more dependable than either of the previous timepieces. YMMV.

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Reliable how? You’ve had bad experiences with Rolex reliability? Do tell!!

The GMT/Sub were always losing time monthly despite regular service. The Omega is dead on since the day I bought it. Most people do not mind a little wiggle room on a Rolex, I did. But, they sure are beautiful… It’s such a personal decision that no one can make despite all the advice except the person writing the check.

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There is no more accurate and dependable mechanical watch movement than Rolex when they are serviced every ten years by a competent watchmaker.
If a Rolex loses time weekly, it’s not the fault of the watch.

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My wife and I are walking up and down Ponte Vecchio in Florence. The number and variety of gorgeous high end watches is making me cry. :smiling_face_with_tear::heart_eyes:


Most of the high end brands (Patek, Rolex, etc) have many wonderful pieces in the front windows, and cases of watches when walking into the stores. The Vacheron Constantin store had just a couple of watches in the windows, and looking through the window I saw only a desk with a very elegantly dressed man sitting behind it, and what looked like a father and son talking to him. There was what looked like a safe behind the guy at the desk. The father and son looked like they were talking to an investment banker about buying a former royal property. :astonished: It was like “I’ll let you see my watches after we discuss your needs”. Sigh. I figured if I approached the door some invisible hand would have blocked my way in. :sob:

I have been pleasantly surprised by my watch-shopping experience here in southwest-Ohio so far. They’ve all been VERY excited and willing to show me everything in the cases so far, both Rolex and Omega. The gentleman in Cincinnati had me try on a BUNCH of pre-owned watches. In Dayton, I was lucky enough to buy my Tudor on a weekend when they were offering $500 off everything but Rolex, so hopefully that helps my cause in getting my Air King as a return customer. Not holding my breath though.

It’s funny. I have been an Apple Watch guy exclusively since they came out. Since I got my Hamilton and Tudor, I’ve felt almost no pull to wear the Apple Watch other than when I go riding as a safety feature. I love looking down at my mechanicals and watching the second hand leisurely spin around the dial. (Although the new Snoopy face is giving my real watches a run for their money. Apple NAILED the execution.)

Mike D

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Like any “collectible” market, speculators see opportunity, rush in, drive the market up with irrational exuberance until they are distracted by the next shiny thing, drop out of the market because they were never actual enthusiasts and the prices drop back to normal levels.
I sold a 1969 Porsche a few years ago for approx. 50 % more than the current market value. Same thing.


Omega, easy, do it! ; )

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my new 39mm hanhart