We also love hi-end watches

Make mine mechanical please.
And again, why not?

Always been an Omega guy but they gray market is killing these items (like many others). Looking at Breitling at the moment - but maybe watches can be as tough as audio when it comes to choices vs budget vs desire. Quartz is not terrible. I have a Certina which is 10 SPY. Some older Seamasters out there and even Rolex… The 5100 is probably worth a fortune.

Im the IWC only guy :wink: Plain and simple, no gimmicks .

Saw it with 18, bought it with 48.


Right now I’m a Rolex Submariner guy. The latest issue with date and ceramic bezel. I also have an IWC. I’ve had most brands but Rolex and Audemars Piguet are my favourite watches. I made a deal with my wife. If I’m into stereo equipment my watches go on hold . One expensive hobby at a time.


I have never been a watch guy, but I bought this TAG Heuer automatic chronograph as an impulse purchase while vacationing in New York City last year. Shortly thereafter, a relative, who is a serious watch aficionado, pooh-poohed it as the ‘Toyota Camry’ of Swiss watches. (I am not sure if he was referring to TAG Heuer generally or this particular TAG model.) This same guy, who would not think twice about spending $4,000 on a watch, has zero appreciation for high-end audio. Years ago, when my main source component was an Esoteric DV-60 universal player, he pointed to it and asked, “what’s the difference between that and a two-hundred-dollar DVD player at Best Buy?” Not wanting to get into that discussion at that moment, I replied simply, “about $5,600.00.”


If one’s a car, watch , camera lens…whatever…COLLECTOR…he made it (or is bankrupt)

I’m not yet, both :wink:

I love things of mechanical genius. I own a 1968 Tudor Submariner, a newer Rolex Sub and a Panerai
And if you buy right, you can enjoy them and they hold their value well. I bought the Tudor about 10 years ago from the original owner for the then fair price of $1K. I’ve turned away offers of 8 times that.
I find them amazing and beautiful.

The James Bond watch used to be Rolex. Last I saw it was an Omega (pronounced “Omeeega” by Daniel Craig).
My son bought a very nice 60th anniversary Speedmaster.
And you have to be very careful in the aftermarket for fakes.

I love the IWC Portuguese Chronograph.

Yes they are really beautiful, but this was my piece of desire out of the pilot watch series…


I haven’t worn a watch since '79. Used to work building machinery and broke crystal after crystal on my watches. Figured I’d solve that with a new fangled electronic watch. . and broke that. Stopped then and there.

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I feel out of balance without one.
My son’s avocation is high end mechanical watch repair so I’ve seen the guts of them laid out on his repair bench. It’s stunning how these things are made.

I can understand that. I never really bonded with one and for the last three decades or so “time” is everywhere–on the phone, the computer screen, the car or motorcycle dash. . . .

They were marvels centuries ago and remain marvelous.

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A repair on my son’s bench. Now works to COSC specs.


When I look at my tonearm, my watch and cameras/lenses, from pure design style and things of mechanical beauty, what I like best, I’d have to go for Nagra in audio.

Must admit I don’t know much about them, except their stuff is first rate.
A good friend with all the resources in the world has Zesto in one of his systems. What gorgeous stuff.

Breitling? BREITLING??? You need to have your Omega card revoked, my friend! :wink:

Seriously, though, I am a Omega guy (Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Titamium 46mm) with an occasional dalliance in Tag Heuer. I have always found the Breitling offerings to be too flashy. Too “jewelry” for my taste, I guess, even if they are beautifully made. And Rolex has always seemed like an older man’s watch to me, also beautifully made. But hey, YMMV!

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I agree with your basic estimation of Breitling and Rolex. And I also would like the one or other Omega Seamaster. But that’s all a matter of taste and in this case also mine.

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My order of preference starts with watch companies that make their own movements.

Tag Heuer! You should sit with me in the “Revoked Omega Card” Line. Where do you shop- JC Penny? I am just having some fun but I have no interest in Tag although I had a few years back and the Carrera is a nice watch. Kids watch kinda like Rolex is an old guys watch. Although it seems like Rolex is the ONLY (or one of a very few)brand that holds its value or increases. Breitling has got me a bit with the analogue display. Don’t get me wrong, another Seamaster or Dark Side of the Moon would be awesome. I may go there but my AD is megabucks over the gray market so this is just flat disappointing. I guess I would shop used. Many suffer this fate, perhaps even in audio? I have seen crazy discounts on PSA stuff even.(No MAP pricing). Your PO is awesome. I may not go that big (Omegas can be bricks) but I love them anyway. And some of the vintage watches are great too.! (Like the one posted above)