We announce the future.

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Paul’s Posts — 13 February 2014

By Paul McGowan

On Saturday, March 1st, we will announce the future.

And it just might change everything.




My guess for today… Perhaps we will finally see the Digital Lens. Just a guess, but fed by Paul’s recent posts on jitter and data clocking.


wingsounds13 said: the Digital Lens

Ha! I've just posted this in http://www.psaudio.com/vanilla/discussion/comment/67449#Comment_67449 :D

I just purchased a P10, arrived a couple days ago...with my luck, it will be some updated P10 or something...

A new DAC would be nice...not that I can afford it anytime soon that is.

Marketing hype, but a cleaver way to keep one’s attention. Just my opinion.

@nordicbob Well, definitely a tease. :slight_smile: “Hype” would imply it’s something less than full or real. It’s definitely something worth reading about and listening to if one gets the chance.

(sigh) - well there goes my budget for the rest of the year I’m guessing. :slight_smile: