New Product Launches

Hi Paul & Co.,

Could you provide the latest updates on product development and expected launch timeline?


Looking forward to each!

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Eesh, that’s a tough one. I’ll let Paul hop in here if he wants to be more detailed, but giving dates like this is just asking for trouble. It could so easily be used as ammunition if we miss the dates by a bit. All three of these projects are really big and full of tricky but fun obstacles. The transport might be sooner, but I think these will be ready in 2020.


Fair enough. Thanks.

Are we still on target to have the Power Plant internet functions restored, by year’s end?

No, unfortunately not. It’s still on our list but once we dug into the details it became clear that what we had before was so patched together out of bailing wire, spit, and Band Aids that we would have to start from scratch. That’s unfortunately going to take a lot longer and has us wondering if it’s really something that needs to be on the web or if we can achieve most of it internally on the unit.

We’re still debating.

Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on your outlook) , PS Audio doesn’t give release dates until they are convinced that the product is ready to be released. And a product might take several years to be finalized. The ears at PS Audio are very picky. In one of his recent videos, Paul mentioned one of their products in the works (the music server?) is in, I think, its third year of development. And even when they announced that the Stellar Phono Preamp was being released, they just said “in September”. Just as Orson n Wells said in a commercial that “no wine is ready before it’s time”, at PS Audio, no product is ready before it’s time. Just be patient, my friend. Paul and Scott will let us know when it’s ready.

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I can think of some vendors who make promises and aren’t able to come through with them…it’s very frustrating and makes them look a bit foolish IMHO…

Perhaps the title could have been worded better then. The main purpose was to get an updated on developments. Those had been coming at a regular pace, but have died off as of late. Hence the query…

Back in the early 80s, I worked at a consumer electronics distributor, and one of our dealers special ordered a all in one stereo system. The manufacturer promised we would have it in a week to week and a half. I called them every week and a half for six months, and kept getting the same week to week and a half spiel. Needless to say, I lost a ton of faith in that dealer, and did my best to get dealers not to special order anything in that brand.

Thanks for the reply Paul. Since it was an included and advertised as a product feature, I really think it should be a PS Audio priority to fix this. Seems like its been put back on the back burner. I own a P5 and P12, both purchased new. There have been promises that the Power plant internet feature restoration would be forthcoming, but it always seems to get pushed back behind something else.

I’m sure other power plant owners use these features as well.

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I’ve been waiting for sometime for some new PS Audio products to be announced/released… when would we see any?


  • New DS Jr
  • New TS premium DAC
  • New AN Speakers
  • New Stellar Speakers
  • New Octave Streamer

Any ideas when some might be released? Like at least what are the target release dates? CES? Axpona? Any other dates?


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I believe an integrated amp is in the works and a new Bridge III card.

Lots to look forward to, I imagine 2020 will see some of these launched.

By the way, for me, having my P15 Powerplant connected to the internet is NOT a feature I need or even want. Its a security risk (see Wyze cam just now…) and a potential source of noise. The touch-screen allowed me to setup the delayed start-up and shut-down sequence (which IS a killer feature for me) and after that I turn it on and off with the remote (also great). If anything, a Bluetooth app might be nice, SVS has a great example for their subs. No internet connection. But not a high priority for me.

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provide both a hard and a soft (WiFi) internet connection (USB for a dongle is OK). My experience with Ethernet ground noise suggests that I no longer want ANY hard Ethernet connections to the system.

Just my 2 cents

Don’t forget the M1200s. Coming soon-ish. Sick puppys : )

Reiterating my vote that they should be called "DM 1200"s ; )

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The new Stellar Strata is coming out in about a month or so, the Stellar M1200s in a few months, no DSJ replacement is projected for quite some time, and don’t forget a new transport which is expected after the new Stellar mono blocks. I don’t want to say any firm dates as I might get in trouble with the old man. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Call me old school (thirty years of IT industry experience) but I never have Ethernet ground noise. I build Ethernet cables for audiophiles and I’ve never had one client mention ground noise. I would look at your chain to identify problem devices and cables.

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Say whatever you want, “Jimmy” - you won’t “get in trouble” with me​:man_shrugging:t2: :cowboy_hat_face:. But “old”? I resemble that remark.

Wait - oh you were prolly talking about that Other Old Guy. No worries.


Wasn’t there also a BHK500 on the long run? What’s BHK doing by the way? :wink:

he’s making the sickest Phono Pre ever.