We can meet at RAI Theate Amsterdam 17 May 2019 - “The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa”

I’m going to the concert “The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa” RAI Theate Amsterdam 17 May 2019. I’m on the balcony.Maybe we meet? More love Denmark/Michael

“The World’s first of its kind hologram tour, “The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa”, brings the legendary guitarist Frank Zappa back to the stage with his former bandmates! The show features world premiere of new songs, unheard versions of fan favorites, and mind blowing visuals that have to be seen to be believed! Frank Zappa playing his guitar, singing his songs, with tons of unreleased media from the vault! The touring band for this show features former Zappa band members including Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Ray White, Ed Mann, Robert Martin, and the Vaultmeister himself, Joe Travers! The show also features special guests Steve Vai, Ian Underwood, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Arthur Barrow, and Lady Bianca! A Show that CANNOT be missed!”


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Pappy Van Winkel and a Cohiba! That’s what I’m talking about. I have a humidor full of Cohiba Behike sitting at a perfect 69% humidity and 65 deg F. Picked them up on a trip to Cuba last November. Very fine cigars!

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I really want to see this if if rolls through the Phoenix/Tuscon area.

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It’s Zappy and Pappy . . . love it!


Frank’s universe was brought to life today
Not by holograms or light effects. But by Zappa musician who kicked ass and pulled brain cells

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An unforgettable evening with Frank Zappa in Amsterdam